Visit “the world’s smallest chocolate factory” by the sea on Dønna and experience how delicious chocolate can be when made with care and attention to exclusive, organic ingredients.

Sjokoladebrygga is perhaps the world’s smallest chocolate factory, located facing the ocean on the island of Dønna. The chocolate produced here is inspired by the powerful and pure nature we have here in Helgeland. The chocolate is handcrafted, using pure ingredients that are minimally processed to retain all the good properties of cocoa. It is also lactose-free, gluten-free, and naturally sweetened with raw agave, which has a low glycemic index. So, it’s chocolate for most people. But it is powerful in flavor, and chocolatier Heidi has not spared any quality, making it with the world’s most exclusive cocoa bean – Criollo!

Sjokolade i disken på Is servert ute på Sjokoladebrygga på Dønna Marte C. Lian / Dreaming up North

At Sjokoladebrygga (the Chocolate Pier), the pier girls keep things running with a café during the summer and various events throughout the rest of the year. They aim to ensure that visiting us is a pleasant experience, so they do their utmost to create a cozy atmosphere for our visitors. The pier has an exciting history that stretches far back in time, from being a trading center and steamship quay to now housing a chocolate factory. When the pier was restored, reusing original materials was important, and they incorporated all the original materials into the new building.

Bord med oppdekking på Sjokoladebrygga på Dønna Marte C. Lian / Dreaming up North

From the pier edge at Sjokoladebrygga, you get a beautiful view of the mountain Dønnamannen, where the entire chocolate adventure began. Founder and chocolatier Heidi has guided many groups up this majestic mountain over the years. At the summit, she used to serve the hiking groups, krinalefse. However, on one trip, there was someone with a gluten allergy who couldn’t eat the lefse. That’s when Heidi started thinking about what she could create that everyone could enjoy, and thus the concept began. The assortment has since evolved from confectionery pieces to energy bars, and now even a soap made with chocolate.

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Aksel Storviks vei 38, Dønna

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Heidi posts on her Facebook page when Sjokoladebrygga is reserved for private events, when she is producing chocolate in the small factory, and when she is available to welcome guests at Sjokoladebrygga. Feel free to contact her to arrange a time or to learn more about the possibilities when you plan to visit.

The chocolate contains the finest ingredients and is a fair trade product. Cocoa beans “Criollo” from Peru – known as the “Rolls Royce” of cocoa beans – represent top quality. Cocoa is an extremely nutritious natural product, and with healthier alternatives to sugar and exciting, health-promoting ingredients, you get a chocolate that is both healthy and nutritious. Heidi can confidently inform you about a chocolate that can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. If words aren’t convincing enough, you can take a tour of Sjokoladebrygga at Stavsengkaia or attend a chocolate-making course.

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Dønna is the largest island in Helgeland. Here you will find lofty peaks, fjords teeming with fish, food straight from the cultural landscape, and a rich cultural history.

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