On September 7, 2023, Brasserie 8622 opened its doors in newly renovated premises in the center of Mo i Rana. The menu is inspired by French cuisine, made with top-quality local ingredients.

Brasserie 8622 is the place for special occasions, for those who appreciate good flavors, and for anyone who enjoys indulging. The brasserie offers a French-inspired menu made with the finest local ingredients. You can enjoy fresh fish caught daily, as well as meat and vegetables sourced from local partners.

Located in the renowned “Bennetbygget” in the center of Mo i Rana, the restaurant serves dinner from Tuesday to Saturday. You can also enjoy a drink after a show or host private events in one of the restaurant’s two function rooms. Brasserie 8622 has also become a popular choice for daytime meetings.

The menu is crafted by the restaurant’s skilled chefs, with a focus on delightful flavor experiences, local ingredients, and traditional French dishes. It changes with the seasons and the availability of ingredients.

Groups and events

Brasserie 8622 has, in addition to seating in the restaurant, two chambre séparée rooms that can be combined into one larger room for large groups. Here, they accommodate everything from meetings with lunch or breakfast to after-work events, birthdays, or business dinners. They also offer a separate set menu for private events based on favorites from the seasonal à la carte menu.

Brasserie 8622 is an international concept consisting of highly qualified and experienced staff from around the world. The restaurant was founded by the entrepreneurial couple Elise Rønning and Marius Martinsen, who are also behind another renowned food and accommodation destination on the Helgeland coast: Til Elise Fra Marius. With a desire to further develop both the industry and the dining offerings in the Helgeland region, they decided in 2022 to invest in their own establishment in Mo i Rana. The result is Brasserie 8622.


Phone: +47 91131420
Hjemmeside: brasserie8622.no/
Facebook: brasserie8622
Instagram: @brasserie8622
Get directions: Open Google Maps

Brasserie 8622 is open year round, as well as throughout the summer.

Regular opening hours are:
Tuesday to Thursday: 17.00 – 22.00.
Friday to Saturday: 17.00 – late.

View their website for updated opening hours, as changes can accure when it comes to holidays and different seasons.

The restaurant is centrally located in Mo i Rana and easily accessible within a reasonable walking distance from many points in the city. Mo bus station is nearby, and it’s only a 5-minute walk from the train station. If you’re arriving by car, there is parking available in the area (paid parking).

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