When the question is “Where can I have holiday accommodation facing the sea”, the best answer is usually: “choose one of Helgeland’s many rorbu cabins”. There is something special and deeply soothing about staying right on the water and waking up to the salty scent of the sea and the sound of surf and seabirds. Perhaps you have kayaks or a boat moored at the nearby dock, ready for a new day’s adventures – and a hot tub in which you can soothe your muscles and relax in the evening? It doesn’t get any better!

One of the best things about having a rorbu cabin for your holiday base is that you live comfortably, but feel in contact with the scenery that’s right outside your door, while you are also surrounded by Helgeland’s proud, thriving coastal culture. The traditional fishermen’s cabins (rorbu) and the wharfside buildings come in many forms and sizes. Some are old and carefully refurbished to maintain their authentic feel, while others are newly built. You can find intimate, charming rorbu that are just right for you and your partner, and larger living quarters that will accommodate your family or quite a few friends.

Lovund Hotel

Lovund is one of Norway’s most vibrant island communities, beautifully located on the outskirts of the Helgeland coast. Take your time to experience one of Helgeland’s best cuisine, hotel rooms and cabins with a great view sea ​​and sunset, varied scenery with many hiking options and a strong business community – all colored and developed by the people who live here.

Støtt in Meløy – Top of Helgeland

The picturesque old trading post of Støtt offers some of Helgeland’s most beautiful and unique holiday experiences. Many adventures await you here, and you can enjoy charming quarters and great dining in historic buildings steeped in the island’s ancient coastal heritage.

Bolga Brygge – Sleep to the soothing sound of waves

Bolga Brygge offers comfortable accommodation and good dining. Guest can enjoy fishing, kayaking the sheltered waters nearby, and hiking up a mountain that offers an amazing panorama of a large section of Helgeland.

Kvitneset Camping – Rorbu cabins and boat rentals in scenic surroundings

Kvitneset Camping in Leirfjord municipality offers accommodation in scenic surroundings by a secluded fjord. Guests enjoy a beautiful view of the fjord and the Seven Sisters mountains.

Træna Rorbuferie

The Træna archipelago is surrounded by the open sea. Træna Rorbuferie is situated on Husøya, the most populated of these islands. Here, amidst magnificent scenic surroundings, you have a golden opportunity to experience the thriving coastal culture of a vibrant island community.

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