Step into the cozy and exciting shops of Helgeland, where big and small treasures and discoveries await in the form of local food, beautiful crafts, lovely gifts, and souvenirs. Find a little piece of Helgeland to take home, buy a gift for someone you care about, or simply enjoy a stroll through the charming stores.

Forvik Old Trading Post

The old trading post at Forvik in Vevelstad, which dates back to 1792, is beautifully situated on the sea along route Fv17. Accommodation in charming surroundings is offered in the oldest building, Grålåna. There is a restaurant in Naustloftet, and a coffee roastery in the old general store. People often gather in Brygga, the wharf building, to enjoy the long bright summer evenings.

Eider ducks, luxurious down and the bird guardians of Lånan

The largest eider duck nesting site on the Helgeland coast is situated in the Vega World Heritage area. You can join us on a visit to the island of Lånan, where the nesting eider ducks and their bird guardians have a trusting and mutually beneficial relationship.

Skolo – an architectural gem in Herøy

The beautiful renovation of Seløy’s old school has been described in an article in “The Norwegian Review of Architecture”. Today, travellers can find accommodation here, drink quality coffee, eat pizza, browse books and buy artworks in the shop – and enjoy the panoramic view of The Seven Sisters mountains

Arctic Circle Center- Souvenir shop and bistro by the Arctic Circle

With food service and a large souvenir shop, the Arctic Circle Center is a natural stopping point on your journey across Saltfjellet and the Arctic Circle.

Halibudskole Vandve – A holiday home with boat rental and a nearby glasblowers workshop

Halibutskole Vandve offers a holiday stay where you’ll have some really great fishing opportunities. Guests who appreciate the arts and creative crafts will be pleased to know that a glassblower has a workshop nearby.

Gateway to Northern Norway – souvenir shop & fast food

Begin your journey through Helgeland with a good meal and a visit to the shop that has everything you need for the adventures awaiting you in Northern Norway.

Sjokoladebrygga on Dønna

Visit “the world’s smallest chocolate factory” by the sea on Dønna and experience how delicious chocolate can be when made with care and attention to exclusive, organic ingredients.

Savory farm food from Vega

Get a true taste of Vega at Stavsmarken Gård. This small farm shop offers a mouthwatering selection of homemade cured meats and farm food, as well as a cozy summer café where you can savor all the Vega countryside has to offer.

Rødøy Coastal Shop- café and 24-hour grocery store

The Rødøy Coastal Shop (Rødøy Kysthandel) you’ll find both a cozy café and a 24-hour, self-service grocery store, so you can get what you need whenever you need it.

Dønnes Gård – Accommodation in historical surroundings

Dønnes Gård on the island of Dønna, offers a holiday stay in a former vicarage. The historical surroundings actually date back to the 13th century. Guests here can dine on traditional dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients. To hear the colourful history, take a guided tour of the vicarage and the neighbouring medieval church.

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