What’s your favourite catch? Halibut, cod or wolf-fish? Trout or salmon pulled from a river? Or do you prefer to go ice fishing and catch Arctic char? Maybe for you the fishing is secondary, and the most important thing is just to enjoy the boat trip or savour the tranquillity of your beautiful spot on the river?

In Helgeland the opportunities are many, regardless of whether you prefer freshwater or deep-sea fishing, and whether you want this to be exclusively a fishing holiday or are content with a single fishing trip

Here is an overview of places to stay where you can also rent a boat. Your hosts will gladly share tips about the best fishing spots, and which fishing gear is most likely to yield the catch of your choice.

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Halibudskole Vandve – A holiday home with boat rental and a nearby glasblowers workshop

Halibutskole Vandve offers a holiday stay where you’ll have some really great fishing opportunities. Guests who appreciate the arts and creative crafts will be pleased to know that a glassblower has a workshop nearby.

Salmon fishing at Korgen Camping

Korgen Camping is nestled idyllically right by the salmon river Røssåga. Here, you’ll find an easily accessible and well-facilitated salmon fishing area, with a dedicated zone for fly fishermen, fishing trails, and several shelters with fire pits. The river flows wide and calmly, making it ideal for fishing both from the shore and with waders.

Aspnes Camping

Welcome to Helgeland and Aspnes Camping, beautifully situated by Fustvatnet lake, approximately 13 km north of Mosjøen.

Velfjordferie – A holiday stay for guests who love fishing!

Velfjordferie is beautifully situated by the fjord, with great fishing spots and hiking trails nearby! The area lies just south of the Arctic Circle, which means you have daylight virtually round-the-clock, from mid-May to the end of July. Fishing is especially popular at “night”, when the wind dies down and the sea often is calm as a mirror.

Topcamp Havblikk – Good food and lodging at Nesna

When you stay at Topcamp Havblikk at Nesna, you have access to varied activities that you can enjoy with family or friends. This campsite is well-suited to people travelling with caravans, campers or tents. If you prefer, you can choose a cabin or room.

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