You are invited to join Meløy Adventure on a RIB sea-rafting adventure to the island of Rødøya and Rødøyløva (443 m). Other great options include a sea-rafting safari to explore the scenic Nordfjord, the spectacular island of Træna, or a visit to the remote island of Myken with a tour of its whiskey distillery. These excursions start from Ørnes in Meløy municipality – but for your convenience you can request to be picked up elsewhere en route.

On Meløy Adventure’s RIB sea-rafting trips, you speed across the waves to unique scenic and cultural gems on the Helgeland coast. Join us, for instance, on an excursion to Rødøya with a summit hike up Rødøyløva, and come visit Myken Distillery or climb the mighty Trænstaven. There are many other options as well. On the sea-rafting safari into the Nordfjord, we cross the Arctic Circle and may well see the pilot whale that thrives in the Melfjord.

The RIB sea-rafting adventures from Ørnes are fast paced, and you can quickly arrive at one of the amazing hiking destinations on the Helgeland coast. We lend all participants a thermal flotation suit, so you will be snug and warm in any kind of weather. Here are the most popular tours offered by Meløy Adventure:

Sea rafting to Rødøya – and a summit hike up Rødøyløva

This sea-rafting adventure also includes a hike to the top of Rødøyløva and dining at Klokkergården, the old sexton’s residence. If you prefer, you can choose a more relaxing alternative to the summit hike, such as a walk on one of island’s chalk-white sand beaches, a family visit to Bamsehuset, Norway’s only teddy bear museum, or a walk with your children into the magical fairytale forest, Eventyrskogen.

The summit of Rødøyløva (443 m) offers a stunning panorama of the thousands of islands, islets and skerries that dot the surrounding waters. In clear weather, you can see the jagged peaks of the Lofoten Islands far to the north and the Vega archipelago to the south.

Day excursion to Myken

Myken is a small fishing community far from the mainland. Although today Myken has only twelve year-round residents, it’s a great place to experience the islanders’ heritage and culture. We’ll visit the world’s first Arctic whiskey distillery and perhaps taste the result of the master distiller’s craft. Hungry? You can buy a waffle at the local shop or enjoy dining at one of the island’s two restaurants.

Time and again, visitors report that Myken is a place to come for tranquillity.

A climb to the top of Trænstaven

Seize the opportunity to visit the thriving island community of Træna and climb its iconic mountain. Trænstaven is situated on the island of Sanna. Parts of the climb are rather exposed and you have the Atlantic Ocean raging against the rocky shore below you. We’ll equip you with the necessary gear and safely guide you to the top. The 338-metre summit rewards you with a magnificent Helgeland panorama. Trænstaven really is one of the most amazing mountain destinations – and an unforgettable adventure.

A RIB excursion to the Melfjord and Nordfjord

Welcome to a sea-rafting trip to two beautiful fjords: the Melfjord and the Nordfjord. Judging from past experience, there is an excellent chance you will see the pilot whale that lives in the Melfjord and some of seals that thrive in the Nordfjord. Other sights include Nattmoråga, a might 300-metre waterfall, which we’ll see up close. Nattmoråga and the surrounding area are part of Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park. As we enter the Nordfjord you will see one of the arms of the Svartisen glacier.

Be sure to bring a camera, because there are many incredible photo opportunities on this sea-rafting excursion!

Ørnes is situated on route Rv17, about 120 km south of Bodø. If you are driving to Ørnes from Sandnessjøen, which is to the south, the 235-km trip will require three ferries. From Mo i Rana, the 200-km drive has two ferry crossings. You can also drive the highway E6 to Saltdal, turning onto the scenic Coastal Highway Rv17 at Rognan.

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Yet another alternative is to take the express boat directly to Ørnes. There are daily departures from Sandnessjøen and Bodø. For schedules and details on Nordlandsekspressen.

Please visit for departures.

Takk for at du hjelper oss med å ta vare på naturen og lokalsamfunnene på Helgeland.

Takk for at du:

  • Praktiserer sporløs ferdsel, og tar med avfall og toalettpapir tilbake til nærmeste søppeldunk.
  • Planlegger toalettbesøk, slik at du får gjort det du må der det ikke er til sjenanse for andre.
  • Respekterer det lokale dyrelivet, holder hunden i bånd og holder god avstand til både ville og tamme dyr og fugler.
  • Respekterer privat eiendom, og holder avstand til private hus og hytter.
  • Viser godt båt-vett, holder god avstand til land, lav fart nært andre på vannet, inkludert dyr og fugler, og unngår unødig kjøring som skaper forstyrrende motorstøy.
  • Respekterer ferdsels- og ilandstigningsforbudet i sjøfuglereservatene i hekketiden.
  • Følger fjellvettreglene, og planlegger turer etter evne og erfaring.
  • Leier en erfaren guide på turene der du selv ikke har kunnskapen eller erfaringen som trengs for en trygg tur.
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