There are many roads that lead to Helgeland, whether you come by car, bike, train, kayak, boat, train, or plane. Here’s a brief overview.

Travelling on Helgeland

Travelling to Helgeland

You can reach Helgeland by road, train, plane, the express boat Nordlandekspressen, or Hurtigruten.

Travelling by train and bus

Nordlandsbanen just about follows the E6, and stops at basically all the same places. There are train stations in Trofors, Mosjøen, Bjerka (Hemnes), Mo i Rana and on Saltfjellet. If you plan on travelling further on the Helgeland Coast, then there are busses going to Sandnessjøen and Brønnøysund from Mosjøen, and to Nesna or Stokkvågen from Mo i Rana. From there, there are ferry connections to the rest of the Helgeland Coast.

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Travelling by Express boat, Hurtigruten or Havila

Hurtigruten and Havila Voyages sails from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes in the north, and on the Helgeland Coast, they have dockings in Brønnøysund, Sandnessjøen, Nesna and Ørnes.

You can view the schedule for Hurtigruten here
You can view the schedule to Havila her

Havila Voyages also sails from Bergen to Kirkenes, and on the Helgeland Coast, they have dockings in Brønnøysund, Nesna and Ørnes.

The express boat Nordlandekspressen sails from Bodø, and has multiple dockings down the Helgeland Coast, and in the summertime, they also travel out to the outermost islands. This is a great opportunity to see much of the ‘world’s most beautiful coast,’ all while making the journey a part of the destination.

You can read more about Nordlandsekspressen here

Travelling by plane

All of the major cities in Helgeland have their own airport with direct flights from Oslo, Trondheim and Bodø. In 2025, there will be a brand new large airport opening in Helgeland which will make even more direct flights available.

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Travelling with your own boat

Helgeland is a dream destination for a boat holiday, with thousands of islands and beaches, beautiful fjords and cosy port cities/villages. You can find more information about guest harbours on our destination pages.

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