Træna seen from Åkvikfjellet on Dønna in the midnight sun Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland

Would you like to see the midnight sun in Helgeland? And experience the surge of energy the locals claim it gives them? In Helgeland we have midnight sun from around 12 June until 10 July. To see the sun rise without ever dipping below the horizon, you need to be on a mountain or on the coast with an unobstructed view.

When does Helgeland enjoy the midnight sun?

That varies depending on where in Helgeland you are, but overall we enjoy the midnight sun from 12 June through 10 July. However, during the weeks before this, from mid-May until mid-August, even when the sun does sink below the horizon, it is still bright all night!

What do you do in the midnight sun?

The people of Helgeland are used to these bright nights, and we treasure this time. In fact, we consider it our well-deserved reward for having to tolerate months of winter darkness. Many of us sleep less during the summer. We stay up late and use the extra hours well; it’s not unusual to see a native Helgelander kayaking or cycling in the middle of the night. As we say, the midnight sun gives us a surge of extra energy – and we put it to good use!

Many restaurants, cafés and pubs have extra long opening hours during the summer. So feel free to have a very late dinner, taking extra time to enjoy good conversation over a fine meal. Maybe you prefer to head for a nice hill or mountaintop, find your own little beach or a good spot on the quay or on a boulder. A spot where you can savour the silence and enjoy the warm glow of the late-night sky. Listen to the seabirds and watch fish jump to catch low-flying insects while you enjoy this special atmosphere that is so unique to a late summer evening in Northern Norway.

How do you sleep under the midnight sun?

Until you are used to it, the midnight sun can make it rather difficult to sleep. That’s why many places that offer accommodation have installed good, room-darkening curtains. But it’s also a good idea to pack a sleeping mask as well. Most people say they are less tired, and need less sleep, during these bright summer months. That said, even self-chosen insomnia should be enjoyed in moderation.

Our recommendation is that you stay up late, and perhaps get up extra early, on the bright clear-weather days, and that you catch up on your sleep when the weather is not so clear. After all, your holiday will be more rewarding when you are well rested.

Can you see the midnight sun south of the Arctic Circle?

The short answer is: yes. Due to atmospheric refraction, you can actually see the midnight sun as far south as the Vega archipelago.

Where to best enjoy the midnight sun?

How long you can see the midnight sun in Helgeland depends on where you are. Naturally, the farther north you are, the longer you have the midnight sun. If you are on the coast, it’s easy; just find a spot with an unobstructed view towards the north-northwest. If you are inland, head for the hills or hike up a mountain. On a clear night the sun will be there, floating close to the horizon!

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