Welcome to fishing, hunting and wilderness adventures on one of the largest private estates in Norway. Plahtes Eiendommer covers 650 km2 of magnificent wilderness in southern Helgeland. Plahtes takes great pride in its environmentally conscious management of its wilderness, as well as the cabins, boats and other facilities that ensure our guests a truly memorable wilderness adventure.

An unforgettable holiday in the wilderness

The estate offers fishing, hunting and adventures in a magnificent wilderness, far removed from the beaten path. It is easy to understand why most guests are satisfied “regulars”.

Our estate cabins

Most of its estate cabins are located miles away from the nearest neighbour – and yet they are convenient to reach, within an hour’s drive of the local airport. Upon arrival you will be greeted by one of our representatives.

Long hunting traditions

Visitors will find many hunting opportunities, all of which Plahte’s offers while mindful of the need to practice sustainable wildlife management. This is the place to go to hunt grouse, moose, deer and small game. And given the lower number of hunters in the wilderness managed by Plahte’s, there is very little pressure on the animal populations.

The best fishing spots

The area also offers excellent and varied fishing, in four different rivers. Try your luck at trout or salmon angling, fly-fishing, fishing the mountain lakes, and even ice fishing. The estate cabins are ideally situated near some of the very best fishing spots – and they are, of course, the perfect base for exploring the beautiful wilderness.

The cabins

Each cabin is miles away from the closest neighbour, making it the perfect getaway for friends or family wishing to enjoy a holiday with great outdoor adventures. All in all, Plahte offers 15 cabins spread throughout more than 650 km2 of wilderness. Nonetheless, the cabins are relatively easy to reach.


Phone: +47 75 03 40 28
Hjemmeside: www.plahte.no/
Facebook: plahte
Instagram: @plahtes_eiendommer
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7980 Terråk, Norge

Check route with Entur

Plahte Eiendommer extends over a large area, travel tips and the easiest access to the cabins are available on request / booking.

Around 15 cabins are spread out in the finest places, over the 670,000 acre area. The cabins are also relatively easy to reach, but with a good distance to the nearest neighbor.

The Helgeland coast

National Geographic Magazine declared the Coastal Highway Fv17 (Kystriksveien) to be one of the world’s most magnificent scenic drives. This road is an official Norwegian Scenic Route Helgeland. UNESCO has recognised the unique coastal culture and given it World Heritage status. The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) has named Helgeland as Norway’s most beautiful coastal gem.

Discover the Helgeland Coast

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