On Sjøgata, the historic street in the heart of Mosjøen, you will find Blomsterbua Food & Wine. This cosy and beautifully decorated restaurant is suitable for every occasion.


Blomsterbua’s rather special and varied menu features a variety of quiches, the town’s best vegan burger, and Bua’s signature burger, as well as assorted sandwiches, soups, salads and pies.

A good assortment of beers and wines, an impressive cocktail list and pleasant service add to a pleasant evening.

After your meal, you might take a stroll along Sjøgata. With its well-maintained 19th-century wooden houses, this picturesque street has a very special feel. Be sure to visit the museum that is situated right behind Blomsterbua; it documents the story of how Mosjøen grew into a town. Some exhibits cast light on Vefsna, the salmon river that flows through the heart of Mosjøen.


Sjøgata 29 Mosjøen

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Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Blomsterbua Mat & Vin is located in the old town, Sjøgata, in Mosjøen. You can travel to Mosjøen by train, car or plane.

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