Enjoy a break at Helgeland’s cool and cozy cafés. These are the places for those seeking great coffee, a relaxed atmosphere, tasty bites, and perhaps a delightful drink.

Myken Seng & Suppe (Myken Bed & Soup)

Myken is a small fishing community far from the mainland. The islands of this archipelago have no car traffic – in fact the main island has less than one kilometre of road. Myken invites you to experience its island scenery, the ever-changing sea, and the midnight sun.

Skolo – an architectural gem in Herøy

The beautiful renovation of Seløy’s old school has been described in an article in “The Norwegian Review of Architecture”. Today, travellers can find accommodation here, drink quality coffee, eat pizza, browse books and buy artworks in the shop – and enjoy the panoramic view of The Seven Sisters mountains

Blomsterbua Food & Wine in Mosjøen

On Sjøgata, the historic street in the heart of Mosjøen, you will find Blomsterbua Food & Wine. This cosy and beautifully decorated restaurant is suitable for every occasion.

Raus Brewery

Discover Raus Brewery in Nesna, Helgeland. Join a guided tour, go beer tasting, or simply enjoy the warm hospitality of this local brewery, where yoy can indulge in craft beverages inspired by the nature of Helgeland.

KRED Pub & Café in Brønnøysund

This is the most popular venue for local musicians as well as established artists. The pub has a big-city feel to it, and when you’re hungry, the chef offers tasty dishes. KRED is also popular as a stand-up stage, the place to watch the football game, and for its Quiz Evenings.

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