In 1922, the old schoolhouse was built to provide a safe and warm shelter for children who had a long way home. Now, a hundred years later, it welcomes those who wish to experience the tranquility and beautiful nature in the northern part of Dønna, right on the Helgeland coast.

Once upon a time, this was one of the many small district schools in Helgeland, from an era before students had school bus transportation. Back then, they arrived on foot, by boat, and in winter, on skis. The journey to school could be long and perilous, especially in autumn and winter when the days were short and the weather unpredictable. In some places, like the Nord-Dønna school, students sometimes had to stay overnight until it was safe to head home again.

Although the schoolhouse is no longer used as a school, it still carries the legacy of those days. You can see it in the former gymnasium, complete with showers and changing rooms, in the old teachers’ lounge, and in the art and decorations made from old schoolbooks. The furnishings are simple, but today you are greeted with modern and comfortable standards. In this way, the school building provides you with a pleasant place to stay, whether you’re seeking shelter from the weather or just need a break.

The rooms at Skolestua

Skolestua has 4 charming rooms and can accommodate between 9 and 11 guests in total. It features two shared bathrooms, a kitchen equipped with everything you need for cooking, and a washing machine for laundry. Additionally, there is fast broadband via fiber.

Rv’s and electric cars

Outside Skolestua, there are four parking spaces for motorhomes on a flat grassy area surrounded by wildflowers. Here, guests have access to water and electricity, and the peaceful, rural surroundings provide a perfect spot to sit outside and enjoy the evening sun.

Guests with electric cars can access charging facilities for an additional fee.

Food and activities

The old schoolyard outside Skolestua is sunny, with an outdoor seating area where guests can enjoy the evening sun and a large outdoor space suitable for ball games and play.

From Skolestua, you have easy access to both natural and cultural activities, such as a hike to the scenic viewpoint on Dønnesfjellet or a visit to the medieval Dønnes Church. At the historic Dønnes Gård, just a short walk from Skolestua, you can buy breakfast and dinner, prepared with traditional recipes and local ingredients, from Monday to Friday.

It’s possible to stay in Skolestua, year-round.

RV parking is only available during the summer.

Skolestua is located in the northern part of the island of Dønna, close to Dønnes Church and Dønnesfjellet.

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Thank you for respecting the local communities, and for helping us preserve the natural beauty of Helgeland!


  • Strive to leave no trace of your visit. Bring back all your rubbish, including used toilet paper, and discard it in the nearest rubbish bin.
  • Plan your toilet visits and use the opportunity when you pass a toilet. In the wilderness, make sure you are not a nuisance to others.
  • Respect the local wildlife. Keep a good distance from wildlife, livestock and birds. Keep your dog leashed.
  • Respect private property. Keep a respectful distance from houses and cabins.
  • Show good boating sense. Keep a good distance from shore and drive at a low speed, especially when you are close to anyone or anything on the water, including birds or animals. Avoid loud and disturbing engine noise. Be aware that some islands and nature reserves are important nesting sites, and that going ashore is prohibited during the nesting season.
  • Follow the Norwegian Mountain Code (Fjellvettreglene). Plan your excursion according to the weather forecast, your skills and experience.
  • Join a guided excursion or consider hiring an experienced guide, especially when you don’t have sufficient experience or knowledge to guarantee a safe trip.


Dønna is the largest island in Helgeland. Here you will find lofty peaks, fjords teeming with fish, food straight from the cultural landscape, and a rich cultural history.

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