You are invited on an unforgettable sailing trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Area of the islands of Vega and the eider duck nesting site, Lånan, that for many generations has been protected by the islanders. Or choose a voyage to the legendary mountain with a hole through it, Torghatten.

Himmelblå Brygge offers extraordinary voyages that are sure to be memorable. You will experience the magnificent Helgeland coast at its best – from the sea. This voyage is powered by the wind, and takes you across crystal clear waters. En route you can marvel at the amazing birdlife, drop a line to catch fish, swim the waves and enjoy the summer sun from the deck.

Sail to the Vega World Heritage Site

This is one of our most popular sailing trips. It is suitable both for experienced sailors as well as people who have never before been on a sailboat. You get to lend a hand with all the tasks of a seaman: hoist and trim the sails, and to take your turn at the helm! This voyage explores the waters around Vega and is perfect for the whole family, large and small; couples and solitary travellers are equally welcome!

The Vega archipelago consists of more than 6500 islands and islets. The main island is Vega. Other key islands are the mountainous Søla, and the islands of Hysvær, Skjærvær and Skogsholmen.

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The eider ducks and bird guardians of Lånan

Sølvi Kristoffersen
På dunværet Lånan holdes ærfugltradisjonene levende

Welcome to an all-day sailing adventure along perhaps the world’s most beautiful coastline, Helgeland, and a voyage into the UNESCO World Heritage Area of the Vega archipelago. And just as seamen did in centuries past, we arrive by sailboat to Lånan, the biggest eider duck nesting site on these islands. Moreover, you can look forward to helping with the tasks of a tried and true sailor: hoist and trim the sails, and to stand at the helm guiding the boat through the waves!

At Lånan, one of the islanders will greet us on the quay. Every year, between 500 and a thousand eider ducks nest at Lånan, and each year the islanders perform their duty as bird guardians. They build and maintain nesting huts for the eider ducks and protect them against predators. In return, when the hatchlings leave the nests, the bird guardians harvest the valuable down with which the eider ducks line their nests. You will be amazed to feel how soft and warm this down is! The islanders use it to make the world’s most exclusive down duvets, a time-honoured gift to royals, someone you love, or to yourself. Our host will share fascinating stories that highlight this amazing tradition, the work of the bird guardians, and the symbiosis between the eider ducks and islanders

In June, the birds are brooding, and you will have an opportunity to see them up close. In July, the eggs hatch and soon the parents guide their hatchlings out on the water. Then you can help the bird guardians harvest and clean the down.

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Sail to the legendary Torghatten and go through the hole

Bård Løken
Torghatten i Brønnøysund

Sign up for an adventure that combines sailing with a mountain hike – and not just any mountain, but Torghatten, the legendary mountain with a hole through it. It’s quite an experience to first see Torghatten from the sea, and then walk through the hole and perhaps even climb to the summit!

We set sail from the island of Ylvingen. Himmelblå Brygge takes you on a sea voyage amongst the islands and islets near Brønnøysund, and to Torghatten. Since time immemorial this legendary mountain has served as an important landmark for fishermen and seamen sailing the coast.

Slowly we circle Torghatten. We cast anchor and disembark on the mountainous island’s southern shore and hike up to Torghatten’s famous hole. As we enjoy an amazing panorama that stretches from the northern coastline of Helgeland and far south into Trøndelag County, you will hear the legend of how Torghatten and other distinctive mountains of our region came to be. All in all, our walk is only three kilometres and easy enough that it is suitable for grandparents and grandchildren alike. We do, however, recommend good boots or other practical footwear.

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About Himmelblå Brygge

Himmelblå Brygge has its base on Ylvingen, a beautiful island with chalk-white sand beaches surrounded by crystal-clear waters and thousands of islets and skerries. You would be hard-pressed to find a better starting point for your sailing adventures! The sailboats Himmelblå Brygge uses for its trips are stable, sturdy and spacious. Below deck, each is equipped with a lounge, galley, multiple cabins and toilets. The foredeck and aft cockpit are perfect places from which to enjoy the salty sea air and the ever-changing view as we sail.

Himmelblå is open from June to August

Himmelblå Brygge is located on the island of Ylvingen, between Vega and Brønnøysund. You can get to the island by express boat from Brønnøysund Hurtigbåtkai and Rørøy Hurtigbåtkai on Vega, or by ferry from Horn (if traveling from Brønnøysund) or Igerøy (if traveling from Vega).

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Thank you for respecting the local communities, and for helping us preserve the natural beauty of Helgeland!


  • Strive to leave no trace of your visit. Bring back all your rubbish, including used toilet paper, and discard it in the nearest rubbish bin.
  • Plan your toilet visits and use the opportunity when you pass a toilet. In the wilderness, make sure you are not a nuisance to others.
  • Respect the local wildlife. Keep a good distance from wildlife, livestock and birds. Keep your dog leashed.
  • Respect private property. Keep a respectful distance from houses and cabins.
  • Show good boating sense. Keep a good distance from shore and drive at a low speed, especially when you are close to anyone or anything on the water, including birds or animals. Avoid loud and disturbing engine noise. Be aware that some islands and nature reserves are important nesting sites, and that going ashore is prohibited during the nesting season.
  • Follow the Norwegian Mountain Code (Fjellvettreglene). Plan your excursion according to the weather forecast, your skills and experience.
  • Join a guided excursion or consider hiring an experienced guide, especially when you don’t have sufficient experience or knowledge to guarantee a safe trip.

Welcome to Brønnøysund

The town, which sits on a narrow peninsula surrounded by islets, has excellent restaurants, charming cafés and a thriving coastal culture.

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