Here is an overview of the companies that can help you and your travel companions getting around on Helgeland, with anything from minibuses and boat taxis, or tailor-made guided bus trips of several days.

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Tour package: Rabothytta with travel, food, and accommodation

Embark on a train journey, pick up your rental car, immerse yourself in local knowledge, culture, and local cuisine, and enjoy a mountain hike to Rabothytta in Okstindan. Here, you can get your train ticket, rental car, accommodation at Rabothytta, and three days’ worth of food, all in one package.

Boat to Austerdalsisen glacier – Svartisen in Rana

Looking for a unique nature experience? Austerdalsisen, Svartisen is located just north of Mo i Rana. Svartisdal takes you by boat across Svartisvatnet so you can witness this spectacular glacier.

Experience all of Helgeland with Helgeland Travel Service

Helgeland Travel Service (HTS) will gladly take you on a tour to Helgeland’s many attractions. Whether we explore the coast or inland tracts, on a clear summer day or a day with mist and rain, all of our excursions will show you the magnificent landscape of Helgeland.

HTS Mosjøen – charter tours throughout Nordland

HTS Mosjøen offers charter tours in comfortable buses with experienced drivers. With a base in the town of Mosjøen, HTS offers tailored scenic tours throughout Nordland County.

Lovund Skyss – Guided boat trips along the Helgeland coast

Lovund Skyss offers excursions to hidden gems as well as popular destinations along the Helgeland coast. Join them for memorable journeys amongst the myriad of islands, islets and skerries along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

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