Just outside Mosjøen’s town centre is one of the longest stone stairs in the world. The impressive Helgeland Stairs has over 3000 stone steps.

Key info

Degree of difficulty: Moderately demanding. The height between the steps may at first feel awkward, and the hike is relatively long

Distance one way: 3 km

Ascent one way: 818 metres

Duration one way: 2–3 hours

Wheelchair and pram friendly: No.

Starting point: Drive to the parking lot a bit past Mosjøen Trafikkstasjon. If you prefer, this is a short walk south from Mosjøen’s town centre. Find the starting point with Google Maps.

Statens Kartverk / Norgeskart.no

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Description of your hike

As you ascend Øyfjellet (818 m), you should voice a silent thanks to the Sherpas who came from Nepal and built these impressive mountain stairs. The Helgeland Stairs is one of the world’s longest such stairs and is ranked amongst the top five in Norway, with top stone quality. It’s easy to see why: only the best quality stone has been used, and each step is two metres wide, allowing up to three people to walk abreast.

The steps quickly climb the mountain, soon granting you a wonderful view over Mosjøen. Along the way are several prepared picnic areas where you can take a breather and enjoy the view. From the summit, which is marked by a cairn called Øyfjellvarden, you have a breathtaking 360-degree panorama. As you peer down, you can see the attractive coastal town of Mosjøen in its entirety.

Find the starting point with Google Maps.

Next to the via ferrata and zipline

You may interrupt your ascent of the Helgeland Stairs and choose one of two adrenaline-inducing adventures, the Mosjøen Via Ferrata and the Mosjøen Zipline. Both require that you are not terrified of heights. The Via Ferrata entails rock-climbing, well-secured and with expert guidance, while on the zip-line you soar like a bird down from the mountain! A much more relaxed excursion is to take, from the foot of the Helgeland Stairs, the path to Marsøra, which includes an idyllic stroll along the Vefsna river.

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