En person som går på toppen av rødøløva med usikt mot havet i bakgrunnen Simon Fossheim / Visit Helgeland

The summit of Rødøyløva provides you with a view stretching from the Lofoten Wall in the north to Vega in the south. It is one of the peaks in Norway that offers the best views with minimal effort.

Hiking information

Difficulty: Moderate. The trail is equipped with a sherpa stairway (stone steps) for most of the hike. The summit is very exposed and located in steep terrain. Good hiking shoes are recommended.

One-way distance: 1.5 km

Elevation gain: 443 meters

One-way hiking time: 1.5 – 2 hours

Wheelchair and stroller accessibility: No

Starting point: The hiking trail begins at Klokkergården on the island of Rødøya in Rødøy municipality. Klokkergården is located approximately 2.5 km northwest of the ferry and speedboat dock. Click here to view it on Google Maps.

Statens Kartverk / Norgeskart.no

Hiking description

Rødøyløva is one of the classic summit hikes in Helgeland, situated at an elevation of approximately 440 meters above sea level. The ascent is quite steep, but at the top of Rødøyløva’s “head,” you are rewarded with a phenomenal view spanning from the Lofoten Wall in the north to Vega in the south. The trail is marked and well-defined, with stone steps in the steepest sections.

Starting from Klokkergården, the trail is initially steep for the first 200 meters of ascent, but you quickly encounter a spectacular view. From the summit, you have panoramic views in all directions. You can even gaze down at the beautiful, chalk-white beaches below. The crystal-clear water surrounding hundreds of small islands is a magnificent sight. It offers breathtaking views, but please exercise caution as you are standing at the edge of a 400-meter cliff.

To reach Rødøyløva, you will need to take a boat, ferry, or speedboat from the mainland. Ferries depart from Kilboghamn and Jektvik, while speedboats are available from Bodø, Ørnes, Tonnes, Nesna, or Sandnessjøen. There are few daily departures, so plan accordingly if you wish to make a day trip from the mainland. If you have your own boat, you can dock at Klokkergården at the foot of the mountain. A useful tip when traveling by public transport is to bring a bicycle on the boat. The trail to the mountain starts approximately 2.5 kilometers from the dock. Additionally, the rest of the island is perfect for exploring by bike after the hike.

Before or after the hike, it is recommended to visit Klokkergården, located near Rødøyløva. There, you can purchase food and drinks to recharge before your next adventure.

Thank you for helping us take care of the nature and local communities in Helgeland. Thank you for:

  • Practicing Leave No Trace principles and bringing back any waste and toilet paper to the nearest trash bin.
  • Planning restroom visits to ensure they are done without causing inconvenience to others.
  • Respecting the local wildlife, keeping your dog on a leash, maintaining a safe distance from both wild and domesticated animals and birds.
  • Respecting private property and keeping a distance from private houses and cabins.
  • Exercising responsible boating practices, keeping a safe distance from the shore, maintaining low speeds near others on the water, including animals and birds, and avoiding unnecessary driving that creates disruptive motor noise.
  • Respecting the prohibition of entry and landing in seabird reserves during the breeding season.
  • Following mountain safety guidelines and planning hikes according to your abilities and experience.
  • Hiring an experienced guide for trips where you lack the knowledge or experience required for a safe journey.


Klokkergården – Stay in nostalgic surroundings on the island of Rødøy

At the foot of the majestic mountain called Rødøyløva, is the stately Klokkergården, a sexton’s residence that dates back to 1904. Here you can enjoy warm hospitality in surroundings that recall a bygone era.

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