Here you’ll find some of the most beautiful and coziest harbors along the Helgeland coast. These are the favorites that boaters often sail a few extra nautical miles to reach.

Klokkergården – Stay in nostalgic surroundings on the island of Rødøy

At the foot of the majestic mountain called Rødøyløva, is the stately Klokkergården, a sexton’s residence that dates back to 1904. Here you can enjoy warm hospitality in surroundings that recall a bygone era.

Dønna Rorbuer Bøteriet – A charming restaurant and accommodation

Dønna Rorbuer Bøteriet, situated on the quay in beautiful surroundings on the island of Dønna, offers good dining in charming surroundings, accommodation and guided boat trips.

Himmelblå Brygge: Dining and accommodation at Ylvingen

To Norwegians, Himmelblå Brygge and the island of Ylvingen is well known from a popular TV programme. Fortunately, all visitors are welcome to dine and enjoy an overnight stay here. Some of the accommodation is unusual and the scenic surroundings are magnificent. And for young and old, Himmelblå Brygge offers lots of activities and great adventures!

Herøy Brygge – Accommodation in Herøy`s island kingdom

At Herøy Brygge, you can stay in beautiful, newly renovated rooms by the sea, in your own boat at the guest dock, or stop by for a pleasant dinner by the pier. With good food, comfortable beds, and excellent hospitality, you’ll have a wonderful time in this beautiful archipelago.

Oscarbrygga – Accommodation and dining

OscarBrygga at Tonnes offers accommodation in rorbu cabins or wharf rooms, right on the shore. From your balcony, you can enjoy the sunset or the glow of the midnight sun, to the soothing sound of the surf. Dining is offered in a refurbished old wharf building rich in ambience.

Selsøyvik Trading Post in Rødøy

Selsøyvik Trading Post is one of Helgeland’s oldest and most esteemed accommodation options. The island of Selsøyvik is beautifully situated along the shipping lane, surrounded by Rødøyløva, Hestmannen, and Svartisen. Here you will find accommodation, a large and beautiful guest harbor, a general store, and a café.

Bolga Brygge – Sleep to the soothing sound of waves

Bolga Brygge offers comfortable accommodation and good dining. Guest can enjoy fishing, kayaking the sheltered waters nearby, and hiking up a mountain that offers an amazing panorama of a large section of Helgeland.

Støtt in Meløy – Top of Helgeland

The picturesque old trading post of Støtt offers some of Helgeland’s most beautiful and unique holiday experiences. Many adventures await you here, and you can enjoy charming quarters and great dining in historic buildings steeped in the island’s ancient coastal heritage.

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