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Mosjøen, the oldest town in Helgeland, is situated at the foot of Øyfjellet, where the rivers Vefsna and Skjerva join and flow into the Vefsnfjord. The town is known for its music scene and café life, the historic Sjøgata street lined with 19th-century wooden houses, the Øyfjellgrotta cave, the Helgeland Stairs and the Via Ferrata that ascend Øyfjellet, and the zip-line that sends people soaring down. The town has a beach and excellent nearby hiking areas.

The town’s Tourist Information Office is situated at Sjøgata 2, the northern end of this street, and within walking distance of the car lot at the Sjøsiden shopping centre.

Telephone: +47 75 01 80 00

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Mosjøen lies along highway E6. The town has a train station and an airport.

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Bus connections:

  • Mo i Rana
  • Sandnessjøen
  • Brønnøysund

Distances and driving times by car:

From Mo i Rana: 87 km, 1 hour and 15 minutes
From Sandnessjøen: 64 km, 1 hour
From Brønnøysund: 154 km, 2 hours and 30 minutes

From Bodø, via highway E6: 315 km, 4 hours and 30 minutes
From Trondheim, via highway E6: 389 km, 5 hours and 30 minutes

Good dining and comfortable accommodation

Mosjøen has a large selection of good restaurants and charming cafes, most of which are situated on or near Sjøgata street. The town offers varied accommodation, from historic hotels to guesthouses and camping sites.

Highlights and adventures

Mosjøen offers activities and adventures for every taste. You can stroll along the historic Sjøgata street, finding the café of your choice, explore the heights of Øyfjellet, or go on a fun winter adventure in the snowy mountains.

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