If you’re looking for a truly exotic wilderness adventure, we offer dog-sledding in magnificent scenery in cooperation with Granåsen Huskies. This company really know the mountain wilderness near Mosjøen. On this shared adventure you may well make new friends, four-legged as well as two-legged!

Fru Haugans Hotel is the oldest hotel in Northern Norway. In cooperation with our experienced partners, we offer a wide range of activities and adventures. Your base at our hotel in the friendly town of Mosjøen gives you easy access to amazing sights and attractions on the Helgeland coast, as well as the Børgefjell National Park and other areas in the scenic interior.

The guides has more than ten years’ experience with dog-sledding, and really knows the mountain wilderness near Mosjøen. Each excursion is tailored to groups eager to discover the fascinating sport of dog-sledding. You can enjoy the ride as a passenger or try your own hand at dog-sledding!

Here are some examples of what is offered:

Short trip – Approx. 9 KM. driving
Time: Approx. 1.5 hours
Price: NOK 1,000 per pers. minimum 3 people
Children 4-12 years: NOK 550

Medium trip – Approx. 2 mile drive
Time: Approx. 3 hours
Price: NOK 1,500 per pers
Children 4-12 years: NOK 950

Long trip – Approx. 3-4 mile drive
Time: All day
Price: NOK 2,750 per pers. Minimum 2 people
Age limit 15 years

Max 5 people on tour at the same time. If there are more than this, it is counted as a group, and requires a different arrangement.

6-10 people, 1 sled: NOK 3,000
6-15 people, 2 sleds: NOK 5,000 (May drive yourself)
Up to 30 people, 4 sleds, 2 guides: NOK 12,000

Trips are also tailored for special wishes, ability level and needs. Come with your wishes, and a plan will be put together that will give you or your group a memory for life.


Phone: +47 75 11 41 00
Hjemmeside: http://www.fruhaugans.no/
Facebook: fruhaugans
Instagram: @fruhauganshotel
Get directions: Open Google Maps

Dog sledding is available all throughout the winter season, usually from December to May, depending on the amount of snow.

Mosjøen lies along highway E6. The town has a train station and an airport.

For driving directions, see Google Maps

To plan your journey here by train, bus or plane, please visit Entur.no

Bus connections:

  • Mo i Rana
  • Sandnessjøen
  • Brønnøysund

Distances and driving times by car:

From Mo i Rana: 87 km, 1 hour and 15 minutes
From Sandnessjøen: 64 km, 1 hour
From Brønnøysund: 154 km, 2 hours and 30 minutes

From Bodø, via highway E6: 315 km, 4 hours and 30 minutes
From Trondheim, via highway E6: 389 km, 5 hours and 30 minutes

Thank you for respecting the local communities, and for helping us preserve the natural beauty of Helgeland!


  • Strive to leave no trace of your visit. Bring back all your rubbish, including used toilet paper, and discard it in the nearest rubbish bin.
  • Plan your toilet visits and use the opportunity when you pass a toilet. In the wilderness, make sure you are not a nuisance to others.
  • Respect the local wildlife. Keep a good distance from wildlife, livestock and birds. Keep your dog leashed.
  • Respect private property. Keep a respectful distance from houses and cabins.
  • Show good boating sense. Keep a good distance from shore and drive at a low speed, especially when you are close to anyone or anything on the water, including birds or animals. Avoid loud and disturbing engine noise. Be aware that some islands and nature reserves are important nesting sites, and that going ashore is prohibited during the nesting season.
  • Follow the Norwegian Mountain Code (Fjellvettreglene). Plan your excursion according to the weather forecast, your skills and experience.
  • Join a guided excursion or consider hiring an experienced guide, especially when you don’t have sufficient experience or knowledge to guarantee a safe trip.

Welcome to Mosjøen

Mosjøen, the oldest town in Helgeland, is situated at the foot of Øyfjellet, where the rivers Vefsna and Skjerva join and flow into the Vefsnfjord.

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