Helgeland is perfect for winter adventures! Snow-capped peaks that tower over the Helgeland coast, and the unspoiled expanses of the inland mountain wilderness, make Helgeland ideal for your winter holiday activities. Here are a few suggestions for things to enjoy when you get here.

Explore the summits

Kvinne på topptur høyt på fjellet står stille på skiene og ser utover dalen under seg Simon Fossheim

The vast wilderness between the coast and inland mountain massifs beckon you to adventure. Whether you prefer an accessible coastal foothill or a far more challenging peak to hike, in Helgeland you can find the mountains that suit you. We recommend leaving the planning to the experienced guides who know this region like the back of their hand. They know which peaks would provide the right amount of challenge for you and your friends, and the safe routes up those summits. You can concentrate on enjoying yourself both during, before and after the adventure.

Dog-sledding in the mountain wilderness

To hundespann med førere på vei gjennom vinterfjellene en fin vinterdag Hans Petter Sørensen / FarOutFocus.no

There might be quite a commotion and noise while the eager dogs are waiting, but at the signal they fall silent. Soon they are rushing your sleigh through the snow-covered countryside, and the only sound is the sleigh runners and the paws against the snow below. Now there is only you, your dog team and the wilderness.

Marvel at the Northern Lights

Nordlys over Mo i Rana Jan Inge Larsen

Words such as magical and fantastic are no exaggeration when you try to describe the dance of the Northern Lights! But truth be told, words can hardly capture this amazing phenomenon. The weather and other conditions have to be just right. When we believe you have a good chance to see the Northern Lights, we’ll let you know on Instagram and Facebook.

Join a Snowmobile Tour

Snøskutertur i skuterløype sett fra førerens perspektiv fra en snøskuter med flere snøskutere i løypa foran Kristin Folsland Olsen / Visit Helgeland

An extensive network of snowmobile trails in the snow-rich mountain regions means you can explore the stunning mountainous terrain from the comfort of a snowmobile seat. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a cautious beginner, on a leisurely ride with young children, or ready to throttle up with a group of friends.

Go on a winter fishing adventure

Gruppe med reisende som lærer isfisking på fjellet på vinteren Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland

Venture out to the sea to catch plump, prime winter cod or reel in splendid freshwater fish through the icy waters. With guides or tips about the best fishing spots, you’re likely to get a bite and a catch. Paired with something warm from your thermos or coffee brewed over a fire, it’s a delightful and relaxing way to experience the beautiful winter landscape. It’s not an expedition, but an everyday adventure that has hooked many a traveler and lokal alike.

Book your experience

Guided snowshoe trip from Mosjøen

You don’t need skis to explore Helgeland’s pristine winter landscape. Snowshoeing is a fun and different way to hike the forests and mountains. On this excursion, our experienced guide will lead you through a forest in which the trees are decorated with sparkling snow crystals.

An evening wilderness adventure with a taste of Sámi culture

Come along for a wilderness adventure in Helgeland. With the moon and perhaps the glow of the Northern Lights illuminating our way, and equipped with headlights if needed, Hi North will guide you on a magical adventure!

A weekend of snowmobiling in Helgeland

Treat yourself to a spectacular, fast-paced winter adventure in the magnificent wilderness near Mosjøen. Fru Haugans Hotel offers these weekend adventures in close collaboration with GoExtreme, whose guides know this beautiful landscape like the back of their hand. Enjoy a hearty breakfast at Northern Norway’s oldest hotel before heading for the scenic mountains of Hattfjelldal. And at days end, we’ll have a delicious three-course dinner waiting for you in Restaurant Ellen.

Kjemsåsen ski resort

With slopes catering to all levels, Kjemsåsen Alpine Center is the perfect destination for families looking for a fun and adventurous ski experience. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned skier, or a future alpinist, Kjemsåsen has something for everyone. Let the kids learn on the gentle children’s slope, while older beginners enjoy the rolling green run and the seasoned skiers test their skills on the challenging red and black run.

A winter safari with dog-sledding, snowmobiling and winter fun 

From our base in Mosjøen, HiNorth offers an unforgettable safari of snowmobiling and dog sledding. This package includes the very best winter adventures Helgeland has to offer, with expert guides who prioritise your safety and ensure truly rewarding adventures.

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