Bodø and Nordland are the European Capital of Culture in 2024, and with that, the entire county will offer a myriad of fantastic cultural and concert experiences throughout the year. Here, you will find everything fun, exciting, and thought-provoking that is happening in Helgeland.

The cultural calendar and exciting events.

In Bodø 2024’s cultural calendar, you can see what’s happening at various locations in Helgeland. There will be music and installations, art exhibitions, craft and handicraft courses, museum openings, and festivals. And much more. In the calendar, you can see what’s happening throughout Nordland or choose specific municipalities.

Some of the most exciting events in Helgeland include the food festival Arktisk Mat in Mosjøen, the 20th-anniversary celebration of Vega World Heritage «Sound of Silence», the unveiling of the sculpture «Petter på skjæret», cultural experiences along the Nordland Railway in «The Trail Way» and a cave concert with Håkon Skog Erlandsen in Plura Cave, which is the largest water-filled cave system in Northern Europe.

See what happens in Alstahaug
See what happens in Brønnøy
See what happens in Hemnes
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See what happens in Nesna
See what happens in Rødøy
See what happens in Sømna
See what happens in Vefsn
See what happens in Vevelstad
See what happens in all of Nordland

We’re updating the list as more events are added to the calendar.

Do you have an event that should be on the culture calendar?
It can be reported to Bodø2024 here.

Program release and opening day.

The year as the European Capital of Culture kicked off in full swing in Bodø on February 3rd, with a magnificent opening show from a fabulously beautiful, floating stage in the marina. Throughout 2024, there will be a continuous stream of large and small, exciting and impressive cultural events and artistic expressions throughout the year and across the region.

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