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Are you looking for a good mountain adventure during your holiday? Here are seven great mountain hikes, selected from throughout the Helgeland region. All are reasonably short day excursions where you hike through beautiful scenery and are rewarded with a truly magnificent panorama!

Hatten (Aarpije) in Hattfjelldal

Hatten (“the Hat”) is a striking mountain, rising 5–600 metres above the surrounding landscape. At 1128 metres, the summit offers a panoramic view in every direction. Summit hikers get much of their ascent for free, since the trailheads in Hattfjelldal are already at 500 metres altitude. A five-kilometre hike is sufficient to reach the top, and during that distance you will climb the remaining 620 m. The first part of this hike is relatively flat, through the forest of mountain birch, and passing marshes and tarns. But don’t be overconfident or start celebrating too early – the serious ascent is towards the end of your hike, as you challenge “the Hat” itself

The summit enjoys a magnificent view of Røssvatnet lake and the beautiful mountain tracts in the Hattfjelldal area.

Accommodation: Hattfjelldal Hotell
Nearby: At the House of the Mountain People (Fjellfolkets Hus) you can gain many insights about Hattfjelldal and the people who live in the mountainous interior of Helgeland.

The Seven Sisters (De syv søstre)

Helgeland has many legendary mountains, but the most famous is perhaps The Seven Sisters (De syv søstre). This mountain range is one of Norway’s most spectacular, a row of seven giant “sisters” that rises a thousand metres above the town of Sandnessjøen and forms a wall along the coast. Each of the seven summits offers an incredible panorama of the archipelago. Depending on which peak or peaks you wish to visit, there are several trailheads and hiking routes to choose from. Common to them all is that you start low in the terrain and have to climb the full thousand metres to reach the summit.

If you want a less strenuous hike, set your sight on Aksla, the ridge between the peaks Skjæringen and Tvillingan. This avoids the steepest climbs up to the summits themselves. While you won’t get the overwhelming panorama from the summit, you will have a very impressive view indeed.

Accommodation: Scandic Seven Sisters and Offersøy Camping
Spisesteder: Restaurants and cafés in the Sandnessjøen area
Nearby: Visit the Petter Dass Museum and explore the cultural trail to Kongshaugen, a large burial mound dating from the Bronze Age.

Helgelandstrappa i Mosjøen

These impressive mountain stairs are amongst our most popular attractions. The Helgeland Stairs already consists of over 3000 stone steps, but the expert Sherpa builders from Nepal are now busy adding more steps towards the top of Øyfjellet (818 m).

The ascent on the stairs is not overly long, but it is steep, and the high steps may feel unfamiliar to travellers who have not walked such mountain stairs before. But interspersed are extra-large stone steps, so it’s easy to take a break when you need it. If you prefer a shorter hike, you can turn around at Trongskardet pass.

If you are ascending to the summit, please walk around where the Sherpas are working. Keep a respectful distance especially right below them, to avoid stone fragments that fall as they shape new stone steps.

Accommodation: Accommodation in Mosjøen
Restaurants: Restaurants and cafés in Mosjøen
Nearby: Natural Helgeland offers a Zip-line and the Via Ferrata climbing route, which both start by the Helgeland Stairs.

Torghatten near Brønnøysund

The hike up to Torghatten’s famous hole is exciting! And depending on which explanation you prefer, you will see either lots of evidence of the trolls or the natural forces that shaped the hole. Even on a stormy day, this is a rewarding hike; you can sit dry-shod inside the hole and listen to the wind and rain rage outside, and watch the foamy waves churning on the Torgfjord. Actually, it’s hard to imagine a more impressive and magical experience at Torghatten!

Certainly on days with good weather, too, it’s wonderful to walk up and through the Torghatten hole. On such days it’s also worth considering a summit hike, which rewards you with an even more impressive view of the beautiful coastal landscape nearby.

Accommodation: You can stay overnight and dine at Torgarhaugen and Torghatten Strandrestaurant, both of which are situated near the mountain.
Additional places to eat: Restaurants and cafés in Brønnøysund
Nearby: Stop by the Norwegian Aquaculture Centre, an exhibition centre at Toft that yields many insights into the history of Norway’s pioneering aquaculture industry. Large aquariums display a variety of marine life.


There are many reasons to visit the Vega, the World Heritage archipelago, and one of them is the Vega Stairs. The beautiful wooden stairs that ascend Ravnfloget has 2000 steps. The summit rewards you with a stunning panorama of the islands and islets of Vega, the beautiful island of Søla, and the fishing villages and Eider Duck nesting sites to the west. Although 2000 steps may sound like a lot, it is a relatively easy and short walk – and along the way are numerous places where you can take a break for a snack and enjoy the view.

Accommodation: Vega Havhotell offers accommodation and has an excellent kitchen
Nearby: At Vega World Heritage Centre, you can learn more about the islanders’ ancient tradition as bird guardians for the migrating eider ducks that nest on Vega. From Adventure Vega, you can rent a kayak and explore the sheltered waters of the archipelago.

Rabothytta – the most striking DNT cabin in Norway

The most striking cabin owned by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) is unquestionably Rabothytta in the Okstindan mountains. This cabin, which is usually unstaffed, is dramatically situated at 1200 metres altitude by the edge of the Okstindbreen glacier. Farther up is Northern Norway’s highest mountain, Oksskolten (1916 m). Although the cabin’s surroundings are dramatic, you don’t have to overexert yourself to reach Rabothytta. Until the snow settles, you can drive far up the valley and park at 700 metres altitude. From there the hike up takes only a couple of hours. But do start early in the day, because you will definitely want to have time to explore the beautiful Okstindane mountains!

Accommodation: Korgfjellet Fjellstue (Korgfjellet Mountain Lodge) offers dining and accommodation
Nearby: Head for the fjord village of Hemnesberget, where you can visit local artists and craftsmen in their workshops.

The panorama from Rødøyløva

Terje Rakke, Nordic Life / Visit Helgeland

If we had to choose “The Best View of the Helgeland Coast”, Rødøyløva would surely be on the short list of candidates! And yet from sea level, you need climb only 443 metres to reach the top. You will find the trailhead by Klokkergården (the old sexton’s residence), and much of your hike is on the beautiful Sherpa-built stone stairs. The summit offers a breathtaking panorama in every direction, spanning from the jagged peaks of the Lofoten Islands in the north to the Vega archipelago in the south. However, caution is must, as the cliff-top has a sheer 400-metre drop! Stay away from the edge if you suffer from vertigo.

After your summit hike, you can enjoy exploring the island of Rødøya by bike, or go on a kayaking excursion to the beautiful sandy beach called Storsanden.

Accommodation: Klokkergården offers accommodation and good food
Nearby: The Fairytale Forest on Rødøya (Eventyrskogen) is an exciting and fun destination if you are travelling with small children.

Eat well after your adventures!

Strandrestauranten har pyntet fisken med fargerikt tilbehør Elfi Leinan

Even the most intrepid adventurer needs to replenish his or her energy with good food and beverage. A hearty meal is especially enjoyable after a good hike or other excursion. The good chefs of Helgeland take great pride in using quality ingredients from our forests and mountains, and our farmers and fishermen supply only the best. Good dining makes your Helgeland adventure complete!

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Forvik Old Trading Post
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Dønna Rorbuer Bøteriet – A charming restaurant and accommodation
Hildurs Urterarium – Accommodation
Støtt in Meløy – Top of Helgeland
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Klokkergården – Stay in nostalgic surroundings on the island of Rødøy
Vefsna Lodge
Torghatten Camping – Fishing, dining and much more
Restaurant Soprano – Wining and dining in Sandnessjøen
Storli Camping and Aernie – Accommodation and a sámi experience
Laksforsen – Generations of tratidional food
Dønnesfjellstua – Dining on a mountain top overlooking the Helgeland coast!
KRED Pub & Café in Brønnøysund
Nordvika Old Trading Post, on Dønna
Fru Haugans Hotel in Mosjøen
Scandic Meyergården Hotel – Dine and stay in Mo i Rana
Restaurant Ellen
Oscarbrygga – Accommodation and dining
Torghatten Strandrestaurant – A dining close to the ingredients
Gilles Café & Music
Blomsterbua Food & Wine in Mosjøen
SVANG Restaurant & Wine Bar – In the heart of Brønnøysund
Kulturverkstedet Mosjøen – A cultural workshop
Krokstrand Fjellpark – Accommodation, food and a climbing park!
Fiskebruket Restaurant – A dining adventure at Myken
Himmelblå Brygge at Ylvingen
Restauranthuset Tipperary
3 Kalver – Hearty dining at a farm restaurant
Tjøtta Gjestegård – Accommodation and dining in historical surroundings
Hildurs Urterarium – Culinary adventures
Topcamp Havblikk – Good food and lodging at Nesna

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