On a narrow peninsula, far south along the Helgeland coast, squeezed between several fjords and small island groups, we find Sømna. A lush agricultural area with country roads, paddling routes, and beautiful mountain hikes waiting for you to explore them.

Sømna is located along the Coastal Route (County Road 17), north of Bindal and south of Brønnøysund. There are two settlements in Sømna: Vik and Berg. The easiest way to get to and travel around Sømna is by car, but you can also take a bus from Namsos, Grong, or Brønnøysund.

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To get to Sømna from Bindal, you need to take the ferry from Holm to Vennesund. Click on the names to see the ferry terminals on Google Maps.

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Explore Sømna on two wheels

The lush landscape of Sømna invites relaxed exploration, and it’s wonderful to cycle around the many detours from the Coastal Route. Here, you can find a bay or a lake for yourself and just listen to the bumblebee buzz for a quiet moment.

Sømna has many side roads that serve as detours or parallel routes from the sometimes busy county road. There are many nice routes, but one of the best and most scenic ones is probably the trip from Berg to Sundshopen. It’s a 19 km long bike ride on flat terrain with varied surfaces, on the coastal side of the peninsula. Here, you cycle past Triborgen, a cobblestone beach from the Ice Age, which now sits 50 meters above sea level.

When you pass Vik, the idyllic Sømna Bygdetun is a recommended stop. Here, you’ll find 12 restored old farm buildings and a café selling fresh bakery products they bake on-site. A perfect stop to recharge your batteries a bit.

At Sundshopen, you’ll find a great rest area with a beach and a long stone pier stretching 65 meters out into the water. It’s a nice spot to have lunch and take a swim before continuing your bike ride.

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Beautiful mountain hikes

If you’re in search of dramatic mountains with sharp peaks, cliffs, and airy summits, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’re looking for beautiful hikes in a lush and open cultural landscape by the coast, Sømna is the area for you. The mountains here aren’t high or particularly steep, but in the low, open landscape, they offer great views for a relatively modest effort. This is the land of leisurely walks, where the whole family can stroll at a gentle pace and feel the mild sea breeze on a warm summer day.

You can find descriptions of several mountain hikes on TellTur.no, but if we were to highlight one, we would recommend the hike up to Sømna’s highest mountain, Lysingen. It’s one of the more challenging hikes due to its length of 6.5 kilometers, but from the top, you’ll get a fantastic view of Sømna, Brønnøysund, Torghatten, and Vega.

Thank you for respecting the local communities, and for helping us preserve the natural beauty of Helgeland!


  • Strive to leave no trace of your visit. Bring back all your rubbish, including used toilet paper, and discard it in the nearest rubbish bin.
  • Plan your toilet visits and use the opportunity when you pass a toilet. In the wilderness, make sure you are not a nuisance to others.
  • Respect the local wildlife. Keep a good distance from wildlife, livestock and birds. Keep your dog leashed.
  • Respect private property. Keep a respectful distance from houses and cabins.
  • Show good boating sense. Keep a good distance from shore and drive at a low speed, especially when you are close to anyone or anything on the water, including birds or animals. Avoid loud and disturbing engine noise. Be aware that some islands and nature reserves are important nesting sites, and that going ashore is prohibited during the nesting season.
  • Follow the Norwegian Mountain Code (Fjellvettreglene). Plan your excursion according to the weather forecast, your skills and experience.
  • Join a guided excursion or consider hiring an experienced guide, especially when you don’t have sufficient experience or knowledge to guarantee a safe trip.

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