During a car holiday in Helgeland you can experience spectacular landscapes of great variety even as you drive short distances. Here is something for every taste – a family holiday, a road trip with friends, or a romantic exploration with your beloved partner. Travel at your own chosen pace along the magnificent Helgeland coast, through the mountainous interior, or through pristine wilderness areas. Stop as you please to enjoy hearty food and to meet the friendly locals.

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By ferry or express boat?

On some of the larger islands, such as Vega and Dønna, it can be an advantage to have a car for getting around. However, many other islands, such as Rødøya and Lovund, have very few roads, and they don’t necessarily have sensible places to park your car. For these and similar destinations, you should leave your car behind on the mainland and instead explore these islands on foot or by bicycle. Before deciding, please seek advice from the Tourist Information Office or people who live and work in the area, such as your hosts where you’ve booked your overnight stay.

Think of the ferry or express boat ride as a mini-cruise on the fjord or across open seas. It’s a great opportunity to relax and really savour the magnificent coastal and island scenery from a seaborne perspective. However, please note that some ferries and express boats are rather infrequent. Plan your trip based on departure times, and to ensure your spot, show up at the ferry quay well in advance. Have some extra beverages and snacks or food at hand, and perhaps a book or something to entertain yourself with in case you have to wait a while.

A good rule of thumb during the peak holiday season is to arrive at the ferry quay at least half an hour before departure for the shorter ferry routes, and a full hour in advance for the longer and popular ferries such as Kilboghamn–Jektvik and Tjøtta–Forvik.

From south to north:

Holm – Vennesund
Horn – Andalsvåg
Forvik – Tjøtta
Levang – Nesna
Kilboghamn – Jektvik
Ågskardet – Forøy

Plan your trip and find departure times on ReisNordland.no

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Brasserie 8622

On September 7, 2023, Brasserie 8622 opened its doors in newly renovated premises in the center of Mo i Rana. The menu is inspired by French cuisine, made with top-quality local ingredients.

Skillevollen Alpine Center

Skillevollen Alpine Center is part of a larger winter activity center in Mo i Rana. Take the family skiing on the alpine slopes, the cross-country trail or on the ice rink in winter.

Kjemsåsen ski resort

With slopes catering to all levels, Kjemsåsen Alpine Center is the perfect destination for families looking for a fun and adventurous ski experience. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned skier, or a future alpinist, Kjemsåsen has something for everyone. Let the kids learn on the gentle children’s slope, while older beginners enjoy the rolling green run and the seasoned skiers test their skills on the challenging red and black run.

A ski trek in the Børgefjell National Park

Put on your skis and join us for a truly challenging wilderness adventure. We invite you on a very special cross-country ski expedition in the Børgefjell National Park!

A guided ice fishing trip with Hi North 

Hi North knows where you’ll find the lakes that offer the best fishing in Helgeland. All you have to bring is warm winter clothes, patience and a positive attitude; combined with our expert guide’s detailed local knowledge, a good catch is almost guaranteed!

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