Meløy is a municipality located at the northernmost part of the Helgeland coast, packed with nature experiences ranging from steep mountains with glaciers at the top to narrow fjords and unique islands at sea level.

Meløy is situated along the Coastal Highway (Fv.17) in the northern part of Helgeland. It’s 1.5 hours south of Bodø and 4 hours north of Mo i Rana (with 2 ferries).

Express boat
The express boat also operate to Støtt Bolga, and Ørnes from places like Bodø in the north and Stokkvågen in the south.

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Coastal culture up close – Støtt and Bolga

In Meløy’s archipelago, you’ll find Støtt and Bolga, two gems in the sea. Both are accessible by express boat from Ørnes.

Støtt is an old fishing village and trading post, a historic fishing village that has been a favorite harbor for hundreds of years. Today, Støtt Brygge stands as one of the finest dining experiences in Helgeland, housed in the old store that has been restored to its original 1850 condition. Here, you can enjoy Northern Norwegian delicacies based on local ingredients. We recommend taking a tour of the museum – here, you’ll gain insight into the unique local history behind this preserved cultural heritage site.

Bolga, with its distinctive mountain Bolgtinden stretching 339 meters above sea level, has been a landmark for coastal navigation since ancient times. Here, you’ll find beautiful surroundings with a charming village featuring well-preserved Nordland houses, and many great walks in the nearby area. Among these is Bolgbørra, an opening that takes you through the large mountain. At the modern sea fishing facility Bolga Brygge, you’ll find modern, spacious fishermen’s cabins and a restaurant serving high-quality food.

Glomfjord – a paradise for the active person

Glomfjord is the perfect starting point for a variety of activities – all year round. Here you can go hiking, rent mountain bikes, jetboards, kayaks, take guided summit tours, or enjoy a trip to the local ski resort in winter. Glomfjord is a village surrounded by mountain peaks at the innermost part of Glomfjorden, just north of the tunnel that runs just below Svartisen.

Svartisen, Tåkeheimen and Helgelandsbukken

Norway’s second-largest glacier stretches like a blanket from Rana municipality in the east to Meløy in the west. At Holandsfjorden in Meløy, you’ll find Engabreen, a glacier arm that extends down towards the fjord. Here, it’s possible to get up close and experience the enormous glacier. A shuttle boat operates several times daily across the fjord from May to September, taking you to the beautiful natural area where the glacier descends over the mountainside.

After about a kilometer walk from the pier, you’ll find Brestua, offering refreshments and views of the ice. From here, you can continue along the glacier lake for 4 kilometers, first along a gravel road and then up the trail that takes you close to the glacier.

But keep your distance! The glacier is always moving – hence it’s dangerous to be too close to it. It’s recommended to stay at least 100 meters away from the ice without a guide. If you want to get closer, a guided glacier hiking tour with ropes and safety equipment is recommended. This is a powerful natural experience!

Brestua is also the starting point for the hike up to Tåkeheimen at 1073 meters above sea level, the second-highest tourist lodge in Northern Norway, and further to Helgelandsbukken (1454 meters above sea level). A hike for the very fit, but with views that can take the breath away from most people.

Meløy Tåkeheimen
DNT-cabin Tåkeheimen

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Lille Herstrand – Beachfront holiday home

Lille Herstrand is a modern holiday home just meters from the sea, located in Meløy at the northern end of the Helgeland Coast. Here, you can enjoy nature and the peaceful surroundings, perhaps from a kayak or boat?

Accommodation at Glomfjord Overnatting

Meløy is a beautiful area for a wide range of holiday activities, year round. With a comfortable base at Glomfjord Overnatting, you have easy access to adventures on the sea and in the mountains.

Winter dream at Støtt

Do you dream of going from the hustle of the big city to “winter world” where the polar lights and the northern lights create magic? Visit the island Støtt and be close to nature, culture and history.

Restaurant Gammelbutikken – authentic local seafood

Restaurant Gammelbutikken is Støtt’s grand locale and exudes authentic coastal culture. Here, you can taste the best that the island and the sea have to offer in terms of local culinary treasures. They follow the entire value chain, from harvesting ingredients in the island’s natural surroundings and catching fish in the Vestfjorden, to serving it in the restaurant.

A weekend of high adventure on the lofty peaks!

The picturesque Meløy Alps offers some of the wildest off-piste skiing in Northern Norway!

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