Discover why Helgeland might be Norway’s best-kept travel secret.

Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland

Over the past few years, Norwegians have rediscovered the beauty of their own country, and there’s no doubt that the Helgeland region in the south of Northern Norway has captured the hearts of many.

Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland

With its stunning natural scenery, rich culture, and endless possibilities for outdoor adventure, it’s easy to see why Helgeland has become a top destination for Norwegian travelers seeking an unforgettable experience.

Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland

Maybe it’s time that you discover Helgeland as well?

1: Stunning landscapes and breathtaking nature

Helgeland stretches like a paradise in the southern part of Nordland, with the Arctic Circle as a belt straight through it. On the coast lies one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos, with thousands of islands along a coast that National Geographic named one of the world’s most beautiful road trips. It also boasts a unique coastal culture listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Fairytale mountains rise straight out of the sea, and the myriad of islands, islets, and skerries that make the Helgeland coast one of Norway’s best areas for kayaking.

And if you take a trip into the beautiful fjords, you will find a mountain range with Northern Norway’s highest mountain, Okstindan, several glaciers, including Norway’s second-largest and lowest-lying glacier, Svartisen. And wild and pristine nature in three of Norway’s most beautiful national parks, Børgefjell, Lomsdal-Visten, and Saltfjellet-Svartisen near the Arctic Circle.

2: Helgeland’s amazing diversity; from kayaking to skiing in the same day

Hiking in Korgfjellet Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland

The large natural diversity provides almost endless hiking opportunities and activities. You can start the day with a kayak trip in the beautiful archipelago on the coast and end with skiing in the midnight sun in the high inland mountains. You can go glacier hiking one day and island-hopping by bike or sailboat the next. You can fish for large cod at sea and find nice trout in the mountains. Explore deep caves and enjoy bright summer evenings on the dock.

And with four cozy towns, Helgeland has a good selection of restaurants and cafes to suit every taste. In addition to museums, water parks, and activity centers such as the Nordland Science Center or the Krokstrand High and Low Climbing Park.

You are almost guaranteed to find something for every taste, whether you are a group of friends, a small family with young children, a couple, or traveling solo.

3: Endless opportunities under the midnight sun

Nesna in the midnight sun seen from Hammarøytinden Emilie Solbakken / Visit Helgeland

And not only can you do what you want, but you can also do it almost whenever you want. In Helgeland, it is bright all night almost all summer, and from mid-June to the end of July, there is midnight sun here. Do you feel like taking a bike ride at 11 pm? Or taking a midnight swim at 3 am? No problem, in the bright summer nights, you don’t have to let the clock control you!

4: Escape the crowds and roam freely

Two hikers on the mountain Rødøyløva Terje Rakke, Nordic Life / Visit Helgeland

Compared to many popular destinations in Northern Norway, Helgeland is still somewhat undiscovered. You will likely meet many more locals than tourists at the cafes here and experience having plenty of space. Yes, on some of the most popular mountain hikes, you will meet quite a few people on the finest days, but you can also experience having almost the entire mountain or island to yourself. Here, you definitely don’t have to wait in line to go hiking.

And did you know, that Norway has it’s own right to roam-law? That means that you can go hiking almost anywhere in the country, as long as you show respect for nature, wildlife, and other people’s property. This gives you even more freedom to explore and experience the beautiful and unspoiled nature of Helgeland. Just remember to leave no trace and take care of the environment, so that it will stay beutiful and unspoiled for those that come after.

And by the way, a nice side effect of Helgeland being less crowded is that it can also be much cheaper than other, more popular travel destinations in Norway. In several cases, accommodation alone can be as much as 50 to 80 euros cheaper per person per night. And since the Euro is worth more in Norway now than in a long time, you can get a lot for your money in Helgeland.

5: Smooth sailing – Traveling to Helgeland is easy

The mountain Rødøyløva and the beach Storsanden seen at sunset Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland

At first glance, it may seem complicated to travel to Helgeland due to its location on the map. However, getting there is actually quite easy. All four cities in Helgeland – Brønnøysund, Mosjøen, Sandnessjøen, and Mo i Rana – have their own airports, and trains run to Mo i Rana and Mosjøen from Bodø and Trondheim. Additionally, the Travel Pass Nordland allows you to travel as much as you want by ferry and express boat along the coast, making it super easy to hop from island to island with the Nordlandsekspressen and take detours to explore the mountains and other experiences further inland.

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Vega World Heritage Center

The Vega World Heritage Centre, which is beautifully located at Gardsøy, documents the history and culture of the Vega islanders. Here you can gain fascinating insights into the lives of these fishermen-farmers, and about their centuries-old local tradition of protecting the eider ducks who come to nest here – a tradition that led to Vega being granted UNESCO’s World Heritage status.

Velfjordferie – A holiday stay for guests who love fishing!

Velfjordferie is beautifully situated by the fjord, with great fishing spots and hiking trails nearby! The area lies just south of the Arctic Circle, which means you have daylight virtually round-the-clock, from mid-May to the end of July. Fishing is especially popular at “night”, when the wind dies down and the sea often is calm as a mirror.

Corner Hotel

Corner Hotel – Hotel in the center of Brønnøysund, a coastal town in the middle of Norway! Corner Hotel offers affordable accommodation in close proximity to Norway’s perhaps most beautiful coastal stretch. Vega world herritage area is only a 25 minute boat ride away. The motel is perfect for those who want adventure and activity when visiting Helgeland.

A RIB sea-rafting trip around Torghatten

Sea Adventure Helgeland offers to take you on an unforgettable RIB voyage around Torghatten, the legendary mountain with a hole through it. We will explore part of Helgeland’s magnificent coastal archipelago. The voyage is also an opportunity to see the birdlife and the coastal culture of Brønnøy up close.

Kayaking courses, guided kayaking trips and kayak rentals in Mo i Rana

You can join a guided kayaking excursion on the beautiful lake of Langvatnet. Helgeland Kajakk also offers kayak rental and courses designed to help you master good techniques and enjoy safe kayaking adventures

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