The Trail Way is a unique journey along the Nordland Railway and a part of the European Capital of Culture Bodø 2024. Here, significant nature experiences meet compelling storytelling. Through six exciting and diverse concepts, you will have the opportunity to experience the beautiful nature and diverse culture of Helgeland

The Trail Way is an invitation to travel both in time and space, through both the inner and the outer. It is an invitation to join in an open and untouched landscape. In encountering these beautiful and vast landscapes, and the wild nature, we may perhaps encounter ourselves from new perspectives.

The Trail Way is also an invitation to join the local communities. To meet the people who live among the different landscapes, in mountain villages, and industrial cities. To learn about how the landscape has shaped them, about the histories of where they come from, and about the culture they’re carrying forward.

It is in this contrast that the true journey and the greatest experiences lie. Are you ready?

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The Geopoetic Way

We call it “untouched nature.” But when you know what to look for, you’ll see that it’s full of stories and traces. Geological traces left by glaciers and ancient riverbeds. Archaeological traces and tracks from the people who came before us. On this tour from The Trail Way, you’ll learn more about these traces, how we discover them, and how we preserve them.

The Mountain Way

Join us for a majestic journey to Rabothytta in the Okstindan mountain range, the roof of Northern Norway. You’ll be following in the footsteps of the mountaineers and pioneers who first explored and summited these peaks and pinnacles. With local food and pastries in your backpack, you’ll be guided on a journey through vast and wild nature, to the peace and quiet found deep within the mountain wilderness. Great natural experiences meet compelling storytelling in this package tour from The Trail Way.

The Power Way

How do we utilize nature responsibly? How do we build a city? How do we harvest sustainably? These are important questions that you are challenged to reflect upon during this journey to and through Mo i Rana, the ironworks town set to become Norway’s green industrial capital. Experience the town, the food, the people, and the history on this package tour from The Trail Way.

The Sami Way

At the foot of the majestic Saltfjellet, by the banks of the Ranelva river, you’ll find Storli Farm and Aernie; “the hearth”. Here, you’ll get a taste of life among the mountains under the Arctic Circle, as it was and is in Sami and local culture. This package tour from The Trail Way combines authentic food traditions with vibrant cultural storytelling.

The River Way

Join us on an exciting journey through raw nature, with speed and excitement, salmon fishing, and authentic traditional food on the menu. Great natural experiences meet compelling storytelling in this package tour from The Trail Way, where you’ll experience how the river and forest once served both as way of travel and way of life.

The Stair Way

Pack both your hiking and city shoes, and come along to the café city of Mosjøen. Here, you’ll experience the historic Sjøgata, the food and atmosphere at the venerable Fru Haugans Hotel, and the magnificent journey up the mountains stairs of Helgelandstrappa, the world’s longest mountain staircase and one of Helgeland’s most popular natural attractions.

All packages in The Trail Way concept can be combined, but there are some things you need to be aware of when doing so:

Check that the packages do not overlap when booking. Most packages last for two days, except for The Mountain Way, which lasts for three.

Make sure you book in the correct order. The packages are planned based on arrival by train from the south, so to ensure correctness, you must book the packages in the right sequence.

The order is, from south to north:

The River Way, The Stair Way, The Mountain Way, The Power Way, The Sami Way, and The Geopoetic Way.

If you want to travel with your own car, the packages are also available without a train ticket.

You can find more information about booking on the product pages at

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