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Nesna and the Nesna Islands

The small village of Nesna is ideally situated in the heart of the Helgeland coast. Here, on a peninsula between two fjords, the coast meets the islands, and the fjords meet the mountains, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Read More

City walk: Street Art Safari in Mo i Rana

Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland Open gallery… Read More


Dønna is the largest island in Helgeland. Here you will find lofty peaks, fjords teeming with fish, food straight from the cultural landscape, and a rich cultural history. How to travel to Dønna Dønna is… Read More


Far out at sea, with only the open ocean and Iceland as its next neighbor to the west, you'll find the Træna archipelago. Out here, the "sea people" reside, along with fish and birds, amidst hundreds of large and small islands, islets, and reefs. The Træna Islands We say "on Træna," but it is actually the collective name for the island group and municipality. The permanent residents live on the islands of Husøy, Selvær, Sanna, and Sandøy. Read More


In addition to white beaches, majestic mountains, and a spectacular archipelago, other attractions that may be worth a visit include renowned restaurants, one of Nordland’s largest churches, and Norway’s only teddy bear museum. How to travel to… Read More

Vevelstad and Vistenfjorden

Utforsk den vakre Vistenfjorden, opplev villmarksområdene i Lomsdal-Visten Nasjonalpark og gå gjennom kulturhistorie mellom helleristninger og runer, nordlandsbåter og bygdetun. Vistenfjorden and Lomsdal-Visten The heart of the area is undoubtedly Vistenfjorden and Lomsdal-Visten National Park. Read More

Ski touring: Snøfjellet, Innerstøtten 744 m

Kristin Johansen Open gallery It is no coincidence that Snøfjellet has precisely that name. This peak is a paradise… Read More

Cross-country skiing trail: Kvervet

Kvervet skianlegg is located outside Berg in Sømna. Here awaits a 3.7-kilometer-long illuminated trail in beautiful, but hilly woodland terrain, winding its way into a lovely little basin surrounded by magnificent mountains. Description Length: 3,7 kmIlluminated: YesCheck trail conditions: Sømna IL Ski on Facebook… Read More

Hike description: Åkvikfjellet 293 meters above sea level

Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland Open gallery… Read More

Hike description: Appelsinhaugen and Grotneshytta on Mofjellet

Kristin Johansen Open gallery Take a breath in nature and enjoy the view over Mo i Rana and the surrounding mountains on this easily accessible mountain hike just outside… Read More