Åkvikfjellet is a beautiful and easily accessible mountain for hiking, located on the border between Dønna and Herøy.

Hiking information

Difficulty: Moderate. Mostly easy and pleasant terrain with some steep sections.
One-way distance: Approximately 2.4 kilometers
Elevation gain: Around 280 meters
One-way hiking time: 1-2 hours
Wheelchair and stroller accessibility: No
Starting point: The hike starts at the parking lot near Åkviksundbrua bridge between Dønna and Herøy. From there, follow a gravel road for 500 meters to the base of the mountain.
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Go with a guide:
Herøy Kayak & Bike offers guided tours to Åkvikfjellet

Åkvikfjellet is a low and easily accessible mountain on the border between Dønna and Herøy, offering a beautiful view over Herøy to the southwest, Træna and Lovund to the north, the neighboring mountain Dønnamannen to the east, and the legendary peaks of De Syv Søstre to the south.

The first part of the hike follows a gravel road, leading you to the base of the mountain. From there, you’ll encounter a steep section before reaching the long, gentler ridge that you will follow for the remainder of the hike to the summit. Much of the trail traverses exposed rock, so it can be challenging to follow the path in some places. However, as long as you keep to the northern side of the mountain, heading towards the summit, you will find your way.

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Find accommodation and food nearby

Dønnesfjellstua – Dining on a mountain top overlooking the Helgeland coast!

You are invited to enjoy an incredible 360-degree panorama, while dining on dishes made with locally-produced ingredients. Dønnesfjellet is only 128 metres high, but the view is magnificent.

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