Are you looking for lodgings that have soul and charm? A place to stay where you feel a sense of history, the whisper of bygone times? Then this is the list of great accommodation options for you!

By staying at these places, you are essentially following in the footsteps of previous generations of Helgelanders, and getting insights into their livelihoods and the lives and communities they built. Stone by stone, timber by timber, they built rorbu fishermen’s cabins, wharf buildings and trading posts near rich grounds and along the shipping lanes. They built on storm-swept islands, along the harsh coast, by fjords, and along rivers in the inland mountains.

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Guest Houses in the historic area in Mosjøen

Visitors are welcome to stay in one of the historic houses on Sjøgata street. The apartments offered are furnished in the old style but fully-equipped. Renting accommodation here will give you a good feel for a time that was less hurried – while enjoying all the comforts and amenities we have come to expect today.

Støtt in Meløy – Top of Helgeland

The picturesque old trading post of Støtt offers some of Helgeland’s most beautiful and unique holiday experiences. Many adventures await you here, and you can enjoy charming quarters and great dining in historic buildings steeped in the island’s ancient coastal heritage.

Selsøyvik Trading Post in Rødøy

Selsøyvik Trading Post is one of Helgeland’s oldest and most esteemed accommodation options. The island of Selsøyvik is beautifully situated along the shipping lane, surrounded by Rødøyløva, Hestmannen, and Svartisen. Here you will find accommodation, a large and beautiful guest harbor, a general store, and a café.

Villa Våg – historic accommodation at Tjøtta

Villa Våg is an old vicarage. Today you and your family or friends are invited to stay here in historic surroundings, while using this villa on the island of Tjøtta as your base for exploring Helgeland.

Tjøtta Gjestegaard – Accommodation and café in historical surroundings

Stay close to nature experiences in historic surroundings at Tjøtta Guesthouse, conveniently located near the Seven Sisters mountain range, cultural trails, and historical sites, with excellent ferry connections for day trips to the islands along the Helgeland coast.

Forvik Old Trading Post

The old trading post at Forvik in Vevelstad, which dates back to 1792, is beautifully situated on the sea along route Fv17. Accommodation in charming surroundings is offered in the oldest building, Grålåna. There is a restaurant in Naustloftet, and a coffee roastery in the old general store. People often gather in Brygga, the wharf building, to enjoy the long bright summer evenings.

Vevelstad Gjestegård and Rorbuer

Vevelstad Gjestegård offers bed and breakfast accommodation in historic surroundings, located near the center of Vevelstad, a small municipality just north of Brønnøysund. The guesthouse serves homemade local traditional food and has a farm shop in the storehouse.

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