Vei gjennom Herøy Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland

Many of the islands along the Helgeland coast are so small and have so few roads that we often recommend travelers to leave their car on the mainland and explore them on foot. However, that’s not the case with Dønna and Herøy.

Tour info

Length: Approximatley 90 kilometers
Recommended duration:
2 to 4 days
Stopping points:
And many more

Dønna is one of the largest islands along the Helgeland coast and is connected by bridges to several islands in the beautiful neighboring municipality of Herøy, where the islands are like pearls on a paved string. However, simply taking the fastest route from north to south here would be a waste, as there are many side roads worth exploring and taking a detour.

The journey begins with a ferry from the mainland, either from Søvik, south of Sandnessjøen, to Herøy, or from Sandnessjøen to Dønna. You can choose depending on which ferry suits you best. The travel route we have linked above starts from Søvik and ends on Dønna, but you can also do it in reverse if it fits better.

Dønna and Herøy have a lot to offer, so we recommend staying overnight for one or more nights. You can explore the islands by kayaking in the sheltered waters, try freediving with Nordvær, visit the chocolate factory Sjokoladebrygga, and enjoy great food at several of the fine restaurants and eateries.

Thank you for respecting the local communities, and for helping us preserve the natural beauty of Helgeland!


  • Strive to leave no trace of your visit. Bring back all your rubbish, including used toilet paper, and discard it in the nearest rubbish bin.
  • Plan your toilet visits and use the opportunity when you pass a toilet. In the wilderness, make sure you are not a nuisance to others.
  • Respect the local wildlife. Keep a good distance from wildlife, livestock and birds. Keep your dog leashed.
  • Respect private property. Keep a respectful distance from houses and cabins.
  • Show good boating sense. Keep a good distance from shore and drive at a low speed, especially when you are close to anyone or anything on the water, including birds or animals. Avoid loud and disturbing engine noise. Be aware that some islands and nature reserves are important nesting sites, and that going ashore is prohibited during the nesting season.
  • Follow the Norwegian Mountain Code (Fjellvettreglene). Plan your excursion according to the weather forecast, your skills and experience.
  • Join a guided excursion or consider hiring an experienced guide, especially when you don’t have sufficient experience or knowledge to guarantee a safe trip.

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