Oversiktsbilde over Kystriksveien gjennom Tjøtta og Offersøya i Alstahaug en finværsdag på sommeren Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland
Veien mellom Vega eller Brønnøysund er vakker, husk å ta deg god tid

Here are travel routes and itinerary suggestions for those who are on a motorcycle vacation. Forget about the E6 and straight roads, here you’ll only get tips for routes that are fun to ride!

We’re fortunate to have many options in Helgeland. For instance, the The Norwegian Scenic Route along the Helgeland coast, is considered one of the world’s most beautiful driving routes. This is an absolute must-see! It winds along the stunning Helgeland coast, taking you through magnificent fjords and past mythical mountains. Starting from the south in Bindal and ending in Meløy, it spans over 400 kilometersand makes for an unforgettable journey. The ferries along the route offer natural coffee breaks, but it’s advisable to plan some overnight stays as well.

Then there’s the Tosenveien and Villmarksveien, leading you from the Helgeland coast, through the beautiful Tosenfjord, and up to the vast mountain ranges and national parks around Grane, Hattfjelldal, and Hemnes. Here, you drive in the fresh mountain air, along fishing waters and towering mountains.

And you can even go island hopping! In Herøy, large and small islands are strung together like pearls on an asphalt thread out towards the open coast. With a bridge connection to the large island of Dønna, you can safely spend a day or three exploring all the side roads and detours with the cool coastal breeze at your back.

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