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A hiking adventure: Mosåsen hiking area

Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland Open gallery… Read More

A hiking adventure: Silforsen og Breidal mountain farm

Kristin Johansen / Visit Helgeland Open gallery… Read More

Guided mountain tours on Dønna and the Seven Sisters

Join a guided mountain tour to three of the finest hiking destinations in Dønna and Sandnessjøen. Herøy Kayak & Bike can guide you on an easy hike to Åkvikfjellet or Markvollkulpen, or join us to the top of the spectacular mountain Dønnamannen. Herøy Kayak & Bike can take you on some of the finest mountain hikes along the Helgeland coast. From easy hikes up Åkvikfjellet in Dønna to Markvollkulpen in the Seven Sisters, to a longer hike to the summit of the tall, steep Dønnamannen. Read More

Itinerary: Motorcycle Tour from the coast to the mountains

Cross-country skiing: Tovåsen and Randalen

Kitt Grønningsæter / Visit Helgeland Open gallery At Tovåsen, a 10-minute… Read More

Cross-country skiing: Skillevollen and Båsmofjellet

Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland Open gallery… Read More

A hiking adventure: Hjartåsen in Mosjøen

Thea Markussen Open gallery Hjartåsen provides a fantastic view of Mosjøen and the Vefsnfjord, and is… Read More

5 tips for winter break with kids in Helgeland.
Gentle ski-touring

Gentle ski-touring


Kippermoen Pool and Sports Center

With a large exercise pool, hot therapy pool and paddling pool, diving board, and waterslide, the pool facility at Kippermoen Sports Center is excellent for your entire family. And at the rest of the sports center, you can find a squash court as well as a versatile outdoor sportspark. The pools The pool facilities at the sports center have a 25-meter exercise pool with 6 lanes, where there's also plenty of space for play and diving. You can also have a more relaxed bath in the wellness pool, which is heated to a cozy 34 degrees Celsius. For the youngest children, you can also find a nice paddling pool. On top of all this, the facility has a fun waterslide, where the entire family can compete in who can slide down the fastest, and two diving boards, that are 1 meter and 3 meters tall, suitable for the ones that are up for something more thrilling. You can also purchase what you need when it comes to swimwear, goggles, and snacks at the reception desk. Read More