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Guided kayak tour in Herøy

Join us for a guided tour of some of the finest kayaking areas in all of Helgeland. Henning Karlsen/heroy-kajakk.no Open gallery… Read More

Guided island hopping by bike to Dønna and Herøy.

Join us for a delightful guided bike tour from Sandnessjøen out to the beautiful islands of Dønna and Herøy, with stops at charming cafes and exciting shops along the way. Join us for one of the finest bike tours along the Helgeland coast, starting from Sandnessjøen, through the large and mountainous island of Dønna, and the archipelago of the Herøy group of islands. This guided tour will take you to charming cafes, exciting shops, and a vibrant coastal culture amidst a beautiful and varied landscape overlooking the sea. With knowledgeable guides from Herøy Kayak and Bike, you'll get to know the area you're cycling through and the people you meet along the way. Practical Information Read More

Møteplass Børgefjell

Møteplass Børgefjell is beautifully situated in Susendalen, on the doorstep of Børgefjell National Park. This is a wild and beautiful natural area with nearly endless opportunities for active outdoor life, whether you want to fish or hunt, hike in the mountains, paddle a canoe, or go skiing and ski touring. Accommodation Møteplass Børgefjell has a total of 20 accommodation spaces, spread across the main house, the annex, the stable, the storehouse, and the small apartment." Read More

The Geopoetic Way

We call it "untouched nature." But when you know what to look for, you'll see that it's full of stories and traces. Geological traces left by glaciers and ancient riverbeds. Archaeological traces and tracks from the people who came before us. On this tour from The Trail Way, you'll learn more about these traces, how we discover them, and how we preserve them. In this two-day package from The Trail Way, you'll learn about and experience the nature and cultural history at the foot of the mighty Saltfjellet, north of the Arctic Circle. Join us at a reconstructed, traditional Sámi settlement, stay at the charming and historic Storjord Hotel, and embark on a guided nature hike from the Nordland National Park Centre. Read More

The Stair Way

Pack both your hiking and city shoes, and come along to the café city of Mosjøen. Here, you'll experience the historic Sjøgata, the food and atmosphere at the venerable Fru Haugans Hotel, and the magnificent journey up the mountains stairs of Helgelandstrappa, the world's longest mountain staircase and one of Helgeland's most popular natural attractions. It may look modest where it lies, at the innermost part of the Vefsnfjord, with Øyfjellet towering above and the broad mouth of the Vefsna river in between. But the industrial city of Mosjøen has a rich history, and it's not without reason that it's one of the oldest cities in Nordland. In this two-day package from The Trail Way, you'll learn just that, experiencing the city and the stunning nature that surrounds it. Read More