Are you wondering how you’re supposed to occupy your children during winter break? Then you’ve arrived at the right place! Here are five tips for a wonderful winter holiday for the entire family.

Kvinne på topptur høyt på fjellet står stille på skiene og ser utover dalen under seg Simon Fossheim

1. To new heights in new slopes!

On Helgeland, you can either go off and create your own tracks or ride on groomed hills and trails. Both Mo i Rana and Mosjøen have excellent ski resorts. And we have plenty of great mountains suitable for both big and small free-riders.

Barn med hundevalp på sledetur på vinteren Hans Petter Sørensen, Faroutfocus / Visit Helgeland

2. Exploration in the wild winter landscape

To stand behind a team of eight eager huskies, racing through the winter forest is truly a special experience. It is also a great opportunity to play explorer heading towards white spots on the map. With good guides, reliable dogs, and only the sound of the dog paws and sled runners against the snow. Then this can become a childhood memory for life.

Barn undersøker viteninstallasjon sammen med pedagog Vitensenter Nordland / Build Up Helgeland

3. Science center and Climbing center

In addition to the ski slope and top touring mountains, Mo i Rana has two major attractions that are perfect for children aged 3 to 93: Nordland Science Center and Rana Climbing Center.

Nordland Science Center is a fantastic activity and learning center where kids can explore physics, chemistry, energy, and more through fun and educational exhibits. During the winter break, they have extra activities for kids, including slime workshops, balloon battles, and chemical volcanoes on the menu!

Rana Climbing Center is Mo I Rana’s brand-new climbing hall, with a huge selection of climbing routes for all skill levels and ages. With self-belay in “autobelay,” you don’t need a climbing certificate or previous climbing experience to climb the wall. With three bouldering rooms, one of which is specifically for kids, the whole family will find a suitable challenge here.

Surdeigsbrød og bakervarer Senta Rebecca Lürssen

4. Swimming, culture, and cafe in Sandnessjøen

“Not everything has to be so active all the time. It’s important to take it easy and have time for relaxation too. A winter excursion to Sandnessjøen is perfect for just that. Here you’ll find Kulturbadet, with a small water park and library, right next to the city’s hotel. In the water park, there are excellent children’s pools perfectly placed so that mom and dad can see them from the hot tub. After that, you can visit one of the city’s cozy cafes and perhaps end the evening with a movie or wind down with an afternoon stroll to the library. The hotel has a good kitchen. So if you’re traveling with small children, it’s advisable to request a room near the restaurant so that the baby monitor has coverage.

Kvinne i badstu Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland

5. Sweat it out

There’s no escaping it: Family life is hectic. And a family vacation is no joke either. But when you can’t scream it out, maybe sweating it out can work instead? After a long day of impressions and experiences, a thousand questions, and things to remember, the warmth and calm of the sauna are more than welcome. Perhaps with something cold to drink and a refreshing snow bath when Dad is done tending to the kids?

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