Turgruppe på topptur på vei mot Bomfjellet Stig Arve Johansen

Here are the summit hikes that don’t require too much and are suitable for those who are new to the sport, for parents with alpine skis in their backpacks and kids in tow, or if you just want a shorter trip.

These are hikes rated as Easy or Moderate difficulty, and they are either shorter, have fewer vertical meters, or traverse gentler terrain compared to the challenging summit hikes. And remember, if the trip becomes too long, you can always turn back earlier; it’s not always the best part of the journey that is at the top of the mountain.

Even though these hikes are not considered challenging, you should still bring the knowledge and equipment that winter mountains demand, keep an eye on weather forecasts and avalanche warnings before you go, and make safe route choices along the way.

Plan your trip well

  • Route choices should be made with safety in mind, considering the current conditions and your group’s skills.
  • Always check both the weather and avalanche forecasts on the day of your trip.
  • Utilize maps that detail avalanche zones and release areas, such as those available on UT.no or Fatmap.
  • If the weather turns or conditions worsen unexpectedly, have an alternative hike or activity ready as plan B.
  • Remember, enlisting a local professional guide will streamline this process, allowing your group to focus more on the experience and less on the logistics.

Carry the necessary gear

  • Equipping yourself with appropriate clothing and gear is essential. Be prepared for weather changes and bring extra clothes in case the weather worsens or in case of injuries. In the wild terrains of Helgeland, it might take time for help to arrive, making the risk of hypothermia a real concern.
  • Even if you’re not venturing into avalanche-prone terrains, carrying an avalanche transceiver, probe, and shovel is always a wise precaution.

A mountain guide enriches the ski trip

  • Engaging a local, professional guide can greatly enrich your experience. Well-acquainted with the local terrains and conditions, guides expertly plan routes that cater to your group’s composition and adapt to the day’s weather and conditions. Their adept skills in assessing conditions on the go ensure you traverse safe and enjoyable paths, both ascending and descending.
  • This way you have less planning and less to concider, and more time to just enjoy your journey.

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