Turgåer foran isbreen Okstindbreen langs vandreruta Nordlandsruta på etappen mellom Kjennsvatnet og Gresvatnet i Hemnes Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland

The Nordlandsruta is 650 kilometers long, divided into eight sections with a total of 43 daily stages. It takes you along the border mountains of Nordland, from Hattfjelldal in the south to the Narvik Mountains in the north. Fifteen of the stages pass through Helgeland, spread across the four southernmost sections of the route.

Here, you get 264 kilometers of marked hiking trails through some of our most beautiful nature and mountain areas. You can walk stage by stage, section by section, or tackle the whole thing in one go if you’re up for a long-distance hike! But be aware that these are very long and challenging mountain hikes, requiring you to be in good shape and accustomed to difficult mountain terrain. If you don’t have the required experience, we recommend starting with some of these easier mountain hikes.

The Nordlandsruta runs from just north of Børgefjell in the south to the Narvik Mountains in the north. The route is a total of 650 kilometers long and is divided into eight sections, each consisting of between three and eight daily stages.

Four sections of the route pass through Helgeland, with three to five daily stages for each section.

Section 1 traverses Hattfjelldal, from Susendalen to Raudlia. It is a total of 93 kilometers long, spread over five daily stages.

Section 2 follows the Okstindan mountain range, from Raudlia to Ombukta. It is a total of 49 kilometers long, divided into three daily stages.

Section 3 passes through the mountains in Rana south of Saltfjellet, from Umbukta to Bolna. It is a total of 73 kilometers long, spread over four daily stages.

Section 4 crosses Saltfjellet, from Bolna to Lønsdal. It is a total of 54 kilometers long, divided into three daily stages.

You can read more about each section on the Nordlandsruta’s own website by clicking on the images below. (Text is in Norwegian, but can be translated in your browser)

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