Kajakk i Solværøyene Kitt Grønningsæter / Visit Helgeland

The Solvær Islands are considered one of the best kayaking areas in Helgeland, with almost 2000 islands, islets, and skerries closely scattered between shallows and sandy beaches. None of the islands or islets are particularly high, so wherever you go, you have a panoramic view of the midnight sun in the summer or the northern lights in the fall and winter.

The Solvær Islands is situated between the islands  Tomma, Lovund and Træna, west of Mo i Rana. You can get to the island and Sleneset either by taking a ferry or express boat, or using your own boat.

Find Sleneset on Goolge Maps

You can take the ferry to Sleneset from Stokkvågen.
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Find the schedule for the ferry from Stokkvågen to Sleneset here.

Express boat
You can take the local express boat from Stokkvågen to Sleneset.
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Find schedules for the express boat from Stokkvågen to Sleneset here. 

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