Overview of activity product presentations for tour operators and tourism companies.

Tre skigåere på topptur i klarvær Kristin Johansen

Meløy Adventure

Meløy Adventure creates wonderful and fun experiences in
beautiful nature that will give you and your group a magnificent memory of the Helgeland coast. You can for example go on a glacier walk on the 2nd biggest largest glacier in Norway or go skiing in the Meløy Alps.


To kajakkpadlere i røde kajakker utforsker de flotte områdene rundt Himmelblå-øya Ylvingen en finværsdag på sommeren Paul Nordheim / Himmelblå Brygge

Himmelblå brygge Kayak

Himmelblå Brygge offers a four-hour introductory course in kayaking, a two-day basic course in sea kayaking, guided kayaking excursions and kayak rental. Ylvingen is a perfect base for kayaking adventures. «Our» idyllic island is surrounded by crystal-clear waters sheltered by literally thousands of islets and skerries.


Ravnfloget Via Ferrata med utsikt mot nord Stig Sæther

Vega Via Ferrata

Choose between a pleasant trip along the mountain stairs, or make an exciting climb at one of the Via Ferrata trails to the top of the Ravnfloget at Vega!


Barn sikret med klatreutstyr som balanserer på stram line høyt oppe i et tre hoytlavt.no
Test grenser og høydeskrekk på Høyt og Lavt Krokstrand

Krokstrand Fjellpark – Climbing

High & Low Climbing park/Høyt & Lavt Krokstrand is a part of the company Krokstrand Fjellpark based on the main road E6, 60 km north of Mo I Rana. We offer 6 different challenging climbing routes too our guests from about 3/4 – 100 years old.


Tid til lek mellom padlinga, padlere hopper fra Brygga på Nes Hans Petter Sørensen

Adventure Vega

Adventure Vega welcomes all visitors to experiences in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Vega. The unique cultural landscape with the bird tradition was the main reason why the Vega Islands gained World Heritage status in 2004.


Ærfugler på vannet med e-hus i bakgrunnen Cyril Ruoso
Opplev utværet Lånan hvor ærfuglvokterne holder dunsakningstradisjonen ved like

Utværet Lånan – Eider ducks

Lånan is the largest producer of eiderdown in the Vega archipelago. They preserve the old eiderdown tradition, which is the reason the islands of Vega was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2004.


Fuglevokter sjekker ærfugl i steinhuset Cyril Ruoso

Boat Trips to Utværet Lånan

The people and eider ducks of the Island Lånan have always
had a close relationship. The bird keepers prepare nests and protect the birds from danger during the hatching season. As a reward, the birds return year after year and provide their keepers with valuable down, eggs and unforgettable experiences.


Hvite gårdshuset på Dønnes Gård står bak HTS sin minibuss på parkeringsplassen en sommerdag Kathrine Sørgård

Helgeland Travel Service

We can offer a variety of transportation options like rental cars, mini buses or larger buses. Helgeland Travel Service (HTS) will gladly take you on a tour to Helgeland’s many attractions. We are located in Sandnessjøen and Mo i Rana.


Vega Verdensarvsenter i nydelig sommerlys Torleif Hansen

Vega – World Heritage Exhibition

Just outside Brønnøysund lies the beautiful islands of Vega. This wonderful cultural landscape was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2004. The basis of the status is the Islanders outstanding tradition of keeping wild eider ducks as pets. A visit to Vega World Heritage Centre at Gardsøy Vega, will give you a journey through the history of the Vega archipelago, from Stone Age settlements to modern Vega.


Ungdommer i marmorgangen i Setergrotta Setergrotta

Setergrotta – Sporty caving trip

Pay a visit to pure nature in the Setergrotta cave – one of the largest and most exciting caves in Norway – the cave is shaped by nature through 400.000 years. The guide takes you for a 2 hours trip with helmet, headlight and overall into the 4 km long cave. You will experience huge chambers, marble passages and an underground river. The cave is located right outside Mo i Rana.


Rafting i Auster-Vefsnav i gul båt full av glade folk. RiverNorth
Du kan utforske Vefsna med River North Rafting

RiverNorth Rafting

We offer whitewater rafting and kayaking on the river Austervefsna in Grane right outside Mosjøen. The rapids are exciting, and the nature is stunning, as we pass through untouched canyons and wilderness.


Politimestergården hos Vefsn Museum Vefsn Museum

Female war Hero: Exhibition about Liv Grannes in Mosjøen

An exhibition about women, war and love. With courage and care, the northern girl Liv Grannes participated in the dangerous resistance work during World War II. In this exhibition in Mosjøen you will get insight on her life in here before and during the German occupation.


Glade folk på skitur sammen med naturlige Helgeland. Hans Petter Sørensen

Hi North – Activity company

A tour operator and incoming operator based in Mosjøen offering a range of adventures, activities, dining experiences and teambuilding events. Both regular excusions for individuals and tailor made packages for groups available.


Snøskuter under nordlyset Petter Røsdal
Milevis med skuterløyper tar deg gjennom det flotte vinterlandskapet på Helgeland

Winter Adventures with Hi North

Naturlige Helgeland is a tour operator offering adventures and activities that highlight the experience of Helgeland’s natural treasures. We offer short excursions as well as longer trips with overnight stays surrounded by beautiful scenery with our base in Mosjøen.


Små barn i lekeuniverset på Vitensenter Nordland Allan Berg / Vitensenter Nordland

Vitensenteret Nordland

Vitensenteret in Mo i Rana is an interactive science museum that invites you to explore the world of science and make exciting discoveries. In the same building is the Rana Museum, with its fascinating natural history exhibits, including one on “The Animals of Helgeland”. Between these two museums, visitors young and old are ensured many exciting moments, and new knowledge as well.


Fiskehjell i forgrunn med nordlys på himmelen i bakgrunnen på Støtt STØTT

Winter dreams

Støtt – Top of Helgeland

Do you dream of a holiday escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to a magical winter world with Northern Lights dancing in the sky, and the special glow of the Arctic winter light? Then you should choose Støtt island as your destination! Here you are invited to immerse yourself in magnificent scenery, elemental forces of nature, coastal culture and colorful stories in the north of Helgeland.


Støtt på vinteren sett fra lufta STØTT

The sea and the mountains – Helgeland coast winter wonderland Støtt – Top of Helgeland

STØTT – Top of Helgeland is the perfect base for experiencing the Helgeland coast. Join us for a deep-sea fishing trip and hook a big cod or a huge halibut. Savour the magic of the midnight sun or the dance of the Northern Lights! The island Støtt is based in Meløy.


Nordlys over Støtt på vinteren Alexander Kühn / Støtt – Top of Helgeland

Hunting for the northern light

Støtt – Top of Helgeland

When the Northern Lights dance across the sky, with curtains or rays of greenish light shimmering – strangely distant and yet close enough to touch, you may feel yourself transported beyond time and space. At Støtt island, you only need to step outside at the right moment to see the Northern Lights.


Gruppe i båt på blankstille hav Hans Petter Sørensen / www.faroutfocus.no

Explore the islands and the mountains at the Helgeland coast Støtt – Top of Helgeland

Støtt invites you to explore the islands and the mountains at the Helgeland coast. The Helgeland coast has been named The world most beautiful coast. The reason is the impressive wild elements, majestic mountains, the exotic islands, the sandy beaches, the rich birdlife and tranquillity.


Kajakkpadler på tur inn mot Støtt Brygge Kristin Johansen
Øyene Bolga og Støtt er vel verdt et besøk


Støtt – Top of Helgeland

Join us for a daytrip with kayaking adventures in
our beautiful archipelago. Støtt is renowned for it’s sheltered harbour and is the perfect area for a guided kayak trip or kayaking course. Our guided kayak trips are tailored to your wishes, skills and level of experience, and to the season and weather.


Panoramabilde fra luften over Støtt i solnedgang med fjell i bakgrunn Hans Petter Sørensen / faroutfocus.no
Støtt ligger i idylliske som dramatiske omgivelser i Meløy, helt nord på Helgeland

Fishing Village Tour

Støtt – Top of Helgeland

We invite you to explore Støtt with our experienced guide. The island has viewpoints that offer ever- shifting impressions of the ocean. Savour the impressive wild elements, the sandy beaches, the rich birdlife and tranquillity.


Kajakkpadlere på tur mot Engabreen Svartisen Meløy Adventure
Svartisen i Meløy

Leisure Group Packages

Støtt – Top of Helgeland

Day 1: Arrival and Day 6 Departure
Day 2: A guided fishing village tour at Støtt
Day 2: Go fishing and sightseeing the islands by fishing boat Day 3: Excursion to the Svartisen Galcier (daytrip)
Day 4: Excursion to Myken island (daytrip)
Day 5: Explore the island Støtt and the area on your own


Gruppe på topptur på ski, høyt på fjellet i Meløy Simon Fosseim / Visit Helgeland

Meløy Alps: From sea to lofty peaks

Støtt – Top of Helgeland

These jagged majestic mountains beckon you to summit climbs in one of Norway’s most scenic areas. If you yearn for virgin snow in a pristine mountain wilderness, then this is the adventure for you and your friends! Our expert guide will take you to the best peaks, carefully choosing the descents that are best suited to your desires and skill set.


Kajakkpadling i bølger på vinteren utenfor øya Støtt STØTT

Winter by the sea – A 5 day trip with Støtt – Top of Helgeland

Day 1: Arrival at Støtt and Day 5 departure

Day 2: An Adventurous day – storytelling and walking

Day 3: Go fishing and hunting for eagles

Day 4: Arctic Kayaking


Petter Dass museet i Alstahaug Ketil Born / Helgeland Museum
På vei til Sandnessjøen passerer du det flotte Petter Dass-museet

Petter Dass museum

The Petter Dass Museum at Alstahaug is the millennial site of Nordland County. The museum conveys the cultural heritage of the poet priest Petter Dass (1647-1707). At the historical site lies the museum’s main building designed by the architectural practice Snøhetta AS, an 18th century parsonage and the medieval church of Alstahaug.


Norsk Havbrukssenter-oversikt merdene og brygga Kathrine Sørgård

Visit The Salmon

The Norwegian Aquaculture Centre wish you welcome to the fascinating world of the salmon and the lovely coastal society Toft near Brønnøysund! The Norwegian Aquaculture Center was one of the first aquaculture centers in the country and is today one of the most visited centers.


Turgruppe på guidet tur på Svartisen en vakker sommerkveld Markus Løkken / Støtt – Top of Helgeland
Du kan ta turistbåten over fjorden, og gå på breen hvis du melder deg på en guidet tur på forhånd

Excursion to Svartisen Glacier with Støtt – Topp of Helgeland

Join us on an unforgettable day excursion to Svartisen glacier in Meløy! Støtt is the perfect base for visiting the glacier and our boats speed towards the mainland where the glacier is located. We can also drive a car to Holand and take the scheduled local boat over to the Svartisen area.