Artscape Nordland

This fascinating art project comprises 34 sculptures by 34 artists, each of which is displayed in a different municipality, including eleven municipalities in Helgeland. Artists from all over the world were invited to create these sculptures, which have been permanently installed at selected locations throughout the beautiful and varied landscape of Nordland County.

2013-11-2013:51 Guro

“Haiku bathtub”, Sømna

This sculpture by Irish artist Dorothy Cross consists of three parts, each of which is imbued with many associations. It is placed in Vennesund.

“Steinar the Monkfish”, Brønnøysund

The Franco-Swedish sculptor Erik Dietman created this landscape installation of a 70-metre long stone fish. It is situated in the sound near Brønnøysund town centre.

“A New Conversation”, Vega

This three-part sculpture by Finnish artist Kain Tapper stands in Grimsøysundet, a sound northwest of the island Grimsøy, near the Igerøy ferry quay.

“Opus for Heaven and Earth”, Vevelstad

This sculpture by Norwegian artist Oddvar I.N. consists of a polished circle almost ten metres in diameter, ground into the mountainside just above the highway on Høyholm.

“House of Winds”, Alstahaug

This five-metre-high sculpture by Norwegian artist Sissel Tolaas incorporates twelve propellers and is executed in reinforced concrete. It is situated near Helgeland Bridge, just outside Sandnessjøen town centre.

“While you weight 1976–2009”, Dønna

This horizontal sculpture by Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles consists of a large circle, situated at Snekkevik, a cove about 26 km north of the Bjørn ferry quay.

“The Inner Follows the Outer”, Rødøy

This steel sculpture by Norwegian artist Per Inge Bjørlo is situated by Storsanden on Rødøy, at the foot of the mountain called Rødøyløva (the Red Island Lion).

“Around”, Leirfjord

This sculpture by Brazilian artist Waltercio Caldas contemplates the distances between our houses – balancing our need for privacy with our desire for social contact. It stands 10 km from the Highway Fv17 intersection, towards Fagervika.

“The Elf Castle”, Hattfjelldal

This sculpture by Icelandic artist Hreinn Fridfinnsson, in the heart of the village, is made of aluminium, granite and crystal.

“Three Flames”, Mosjøen

This artwork by Icelandic artist Hulda Hàkon conjures three fires, with flames made of painted stainless steel. The sculpture is situated in the River Park, just outside the town centre.

“The Ocean Man”, Mo i Rana

English sculptor Anthony Gromley’s ten-metre-high granite figure watches over the town from its post in the Ransfjord. It is also visible to approaching boats and ship traffic.

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Erlend Haarberg
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Erlend Haarberg
House of Winds
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Erlend Haarberg
Three Flames
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The Inner Follows The Outer
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