Tour in impressive nature environment, with the national park Børgefjellet on the east side and Kappfjellet and Bæråsen on the west side of the water.

2017-07-1312:52 Simon Fossheim

There are over 350 cabins, several farms, many arranged fishing spots and plenty of opportunities to relax around Fiplingvatnet. There is also a local shop close to Leiren. 

Close to Simskardmyra nature reserve, that is one of two nature reserves in the area of the water, is a tower for birdwatching. That is a recommended detour on the road to Simskardet (2.5 km), entrance to the national park Børgefjell. The road is a little uneven, but easy to cycle on. The total length of the tour is 33 km.

For accommodation and dining, it is possible to visit Strandli farm.

Have a nice trip! 

Practical Information

Practical Information
Bike hire may be done online at our booking site here. Bicycle hire is available at Brønnøysund, Sandnessjøen, Nesna, Glomfjord and Støtt. Luggage transportation is also available for some routes. Price: nok 295 per day, all necessary equipment included. For timetables for ferries and public transportation please visit the transport companies websites:, and
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