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Combine a fly- and bike holiday to Helgeland. Fly to Brønnøysund or Sandnessjøen, collect your bike at the airport when you arrive and away you go! At the end of your holiday the bike can be dropped back at the airport.

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You can easily book a bike here, and if you are after route suggestions around Helgeland you can find them under 10 ideas for cycle trips on the coast of Helgeland

Daytrips on bike in Brønnøysund

• You would want to set aside one day to cycle out to Torghatten (15 km), the famous mountain with the hole through it. You start off going south-west (Fv54) from Brønnøysund city center, across the beautiful Brønnøysund bridge and further towards Torget. Remember to enjoy the amazing view when you are crossing the bridge either to or from Torghatten. From the top of the bridge you can see the mountain Dønnamannen and the mountain chain the Seven Sisters in the north, and Torghatten in the south. Once you have arrived at the bottom of Torghatten you park your bike and head on up to the hole (approx. 30 minutes), revealing a spectacular view of the islands. Once you are back down again you can experience the newly opened Strand Restaurant next to Torghatten Camping. The restaurant is idyllically situated next to a beautiful white sand beach and offers food of high quality.

On your way back to the town center you can take a detour to Toft and the Norwegian Aquaculture center (signage from Nordhus, 2km). At the Norwegian Aquaculture center you can get a guided tour where you will get to see fishfarming at close range, control the underwater cameras, fishfeed under professional guidance and get a unique chance to learn more about fishfarming and marine life.

• Next day we recommend a visit to Hildurs Urterarium, Northern Norway’s only food, wine and herb farm. The farm is situated next to Fv17, 6 km north of Brønnøysund city center. A warm and engaging host welcomes you and offers you a piece of themselves, interesting stories and unique food experiences. Enjoy a walk in the garden amongst the fragrance of roses and herbs, and then buy yourself their beautiful homemade spice as a holiday memory. Enjoy a lunch at their summer café before heading back to the city center. During the late afternoon you can go for a little bike ride along Brønnøysundet. Start at the Hurtigruten harbor and follow Havnegata southwards past the boat harbor. Continue further to Sørbyen with its old wooden houses. Once you are there keep your eyes open for Steinar Breiflabb, a large sculpture in the middle of the strait. This artwork is a part of Artscape Nordland. Bona Mat og Vinhus is situated in the heart of Brønnøysund and offers dinner of high quality and is especially known for its delicious bacalao. Bona offers outdoor seating, which is perfect for savoring long summer evenings.

All-day trip with bike to Vega World Heritage Area

The express boat, or Hurtigbåten, departs from the Hurtigruten harbor in Brønnøysund and takes you to Rørøy on Vega. As an alternative you can cycle to Horn and take the ferry from there to Igerøy. This ferry also stops by at the island Ylvingen, or “Himmelblåøya” as it’s often called. You can get off here and explore the island and then get on the next ferry that continues on to the main island Vega if you wish. You can find the ferry timetables at Ruteopplysningen Helgeland’s webpage.

Vega Island World Heritage Area consists of approximately 6500 islands, islets and skerries and was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004 for its unique natural- and cultural environment. For more than 1000 years the community has built nesting houses and tended for the eider ducks, to then harvest the soft eider down. You can get an insight into this unique history at the museum E-House at Nes (approximately 8 km from Rørøy/15 km from Igerøy). Every Tuesday and Friday in the period 1st july to 1st August you can take part of a guided tour by boat to the old down-and fishing village Lånan. Local guides will then tell the fascinating history of how the eider ducks are protected. The boat trip leaves from Nes, and can be ordered online or at Vega Tourist Information Office.

From Nes you can cycle to Vega Havhotell at Viksås (6km), where Jon Aga serves homemade food made out of the finest and freshest ingredients that sea, land and Vega has to offer. Vega Havhotell was in fact selected as the year’s tourism gem in 2012. On your way back you can stop over at Lefsebakeriet at Kjul to replenish some energy. Lefse is a traditional Norwegian baked pastry, usually filled with butter, sugar and cinnamon. Vegalefsa is quite the treat! The detour to Kjul is about 4 km long, so just be aware of that so you don’t risk missing the ferry or express boat back to Brønnøysund. Check the opening hours at 990 39 388 in order to get there while they are open.

More daytrip suggestions

• Sømna including Sømna Open Air Museum, Olavskilden and Fjelltrimmen. Follow Fv17 southwards (Brønnøysund – Berg in Sømna 30 km/Vik in Sømna 38 km)

• Velfjord with Hommelstø, Nevernes harbor and Velfjord Rural Museum at Strøm. Follow Fv17 south to Skillvika, take the exit towards Hommelstø and Fv76 (Brønnøysund – Hommelstø 34 km/Nevernes 42 km/Strøm 38 km).

Daytrip on bike to Sandnessjøen 

Petter Dass and Herøy

• The bike ride starts off at Stokka airport and heads south towards the Petter Dass-museum along Fv17 (10 km). The museum conveys the parson poet Petter Dass’s life and work and consists of several old buildings from 1700-1800’s in addition to a spectacular new museum building designed by the architectural firm Snøhetta. You can also find Margrethes café here that offers delicious locally produced food. To get to Herøy from here you need to cycle 5 km back to the ferry quay at Søvik and then take the ferry over to the island. The island has flat terrain and beautiful landscape with white sand beaches, small bridges and rorbuer (waterside cabins). From the ferry quay Flostad you can head south towards Tennvalen. NB! If you need to do some grocery shopping before you go any further there is a SPAR supermarket approximately 1,5 km from the ferry quay.

After 1 km you will get to a place called Rakelfjære – it’s a great chalk white sandy beach with the mountain chain the Seven Sisters panoramic view in the background. From here you continue south until you get to the quay at Tennvalen (6 km). The cultural landscape out here is particularly beautiful, and the view of the islands from the quayside is phenomenal. On your return you can visit Herøy church, or Helgeland’s Cathedral, as it’s also called, a beautiful 1100s church built of soapstone. Not far off is Herøy rural museum, an integral part of Helgeland Museum. The museum will give you a unique insight into the old coastal culture (7 km from Tennvalen, 1 km from Flostad).

If you wish to experience Herøy from a different angle Seløy Kystferie would be the right place to cycle to. From there you can get on one of their island safari trips by boat where they take you out to see the islands around Herøy and Dønna up close (The Island Safari trip also departs from Sandnessjøen during the summer months). Seløy Kystferie is located on Seløy, approximately 13 km from Flostad ferry quay. Not too far away you will find Augustbryggo, a place that serves delicious local cuisine at Restaurant Kaikanten. There is also a display center there that conveys Helgeland’s aquaculture history. Close by Augustbryggo there is also a grocery shop.


• If you wish to extend your trip by a day you can combine the bike trip to Herøy with a trip to Dønna as well. Both islands have several different accommodation options. From Herøy to Dønna you cycle with the ocean close by and can truly take in the beautiful landscape through all your senses. After you’ve crossed the Åkviksundbrua over to Dønna the terrain will get a little hillier. Set the course northbound towards the outer parts of the island, to Dønnes Gård (36 km). The farm was in its time Northern Norway’s largest estate with huge properties and power, and therefore has a very interesting history. Nearby the farm is Dønnes Church from the 1100s, with its many cultural treasures, including a mausoleum form the 1600s. You’d want to head up to Dønnesfjellet (128 m above sea – car road all the way up) while you are there. You will get an amazing view of Lovund straight ahead and Rødøy in the north and Vega in the south. In addition, you can see most of the characteristic mythical mountains on Helgeland. Once you are back down again you can start driving towards Glein (6 km) and Solfjellsjøen (15 km). At Glein you can go see the famous marble phallus which is Northern Europe’s largest and is located at the top of Valhaugen tumulus. When in Solfjellsjøen, a visit to the café 3 Kalver is recommended – it is a cozy farm café and restaurant with homemade bread from their own stone oven. Dønna museum is also worth visiting, it is situated at Nordvika Old Trading Post. From the ferry quay at Bjørn (10 km from Solfjellsjøen) you can take the ferry over to Sandnessjøen where you can choose to stay the night or cycle directly back to Stokka airport (12km).

Sandnessjøen and the mountain chain The Seven Sisters

Take a day to experience the coastal city Sandnessjøen and the mountain chain The Seven Sisters. 1 km from the city center lies Torolvstein – an old chiefdom seat which takes you back to the the of the Vikings. In the banqueting hall in the long house, you can experience genuine Viking history, Viking food, competitions, fun and games, reading corner and sales exhibitions. Archaeological extractions and finds from the period 800 - 1066 illustrate the history of trade, power, politics and day-to-day life at Sandnes. Next on your to do list of Sandnessjøen should be to head over to the majestic Helgeland bridge and enjoy the great view. While you are there you can also go and study “Vindenes Hus”, an artwork which is a part of Artscape Nordland. After lunch at i.e. Lille Torget at the harbor in Sandnessjøen, head southalong the FV17. Approximately 4 km out of the city center you take a right hand turn towards Markvoll on FV138, and cycle up close along the bottom of The Seven Sisters. This minor traffic road is in scenic natural surroundings, and if you are lucky you might see a moose. The trip is about 10 km and will take you back to FV17 north of Søvik. You can choose if you wish you head to Stokka airport from here or if you wish to continue south along FV17 to Tjøtta and Offersøy Camping (17 km) to stay the night. The next day is set aside for hiking The Seven Sisters, which has got good marked tracks to every peak and also in between them. You can start your hike from Søvik where there is a short distance to ascension to the southernmost sister. The view from all the peaks is simply formidable and is highly recommended. If you need a map of The Seven Sisters you can get this at the Tourist Information Office in Sandnessjøen.

Practical Information

Practical Information
Bike hire may be done online at our booking site here. Bicycle hire is available at Brønnøysund, Sandnessjøen, Nesna, Glomfjord and Støtt. Luggage transportation is also available for some routes. Price: nok 295 per day, all necessary equipment included. For timetables for ferries and public transportation please visit the transport companies websites:, and
For additional suggestions, please download our cycling brochure.