Island Hopping in Northern Norway

Hvitserk of Norway is part of a research-project developing new and exciting experiences for travelers – and this is the first itinerary. On this tour, we will travel with transportation that is already a standard in Norway, reducing our impact on the environment we aim to conserve. It gives travelers a unique opportunity to visit and meet the locals on the rugged and fascinating islands south of Bodø and off the Helgeland Coast. These islands are far less visited than the Lofoten Islands, more remote – yet equally dramatic and stunning. If you want to explore Norway in an intimate setting, with real local culture away from the tourist hotspots, this is the tour for you.

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2019-04-0621:52 Georg Enga

Some of the unique features on this Island Hopping trip:
· Remote mountain hikes with vistas of tens of thousands of islands
· Experience the Midnight Sun!
· Explore Træna – one of Norway’s most creative and isolated municipalities
· Live the local lifestyle traveling by express boat and ferries from island to island
· Kayak in an archipelago far, far away from the mainland
· See Puffins and Sea Eagles up close and personal
· Eat a homecooked meal of traditional fish at a local’s home
· Drink whiskey on Myken – at the world's first Arctic single malt whisky distillery, with whisky made from desalinated Arctic sea water, matured under the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights.
At Hvitserk, we aim to work within sustainable systems already in place, and give travelers an experience that is intimate, interactive and engaging. This tour aims to use only local transportation, giving travelers a glimpse into local life, as well as reducing our impact while we explore Norway. This is a special itinerary for travelers that enjoy learning more about the country their visiting, experiencing a variety of active travel activities, and having a very personal experience with local people.

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Orsoyla Haarberg, VisitHelgeland