Like pearls on a string - take the summer route!

The Coastal route (Kystriksveien) is Norway's answer to California's Highway 1 and also one of the most magnificent routes in the world. However, the coast of Helgeland has much more to offer than what can be found close to the road. As it contains some of the most unique islands that can be seen in the large ocean. Until now it has not been possible to experience these islands, however from 1st of June there has been created a route that will take you off the road and into the magnificent islands of Helgelandskysten.

2019-05-2208:58 Simon Fossheim

The summer-route goes through some of the most alluring coastal areas in Norway. If you are planning on passing the polarcircle this is the way to do it.

The express boat begins (or ends) in Sandessjøen and goes to Bodø, however it stops on the several exotic islands on Helgelandskysten. This is a perfect opportunity to experience the culture of the coast and the magnificent nature. The trip takes approximately 7 hours, however there is still possibility to go on and off the boat and experience Helgelandskysten over several days.


With «Travel Pass Nordland» you can travel so much you want with bus and car for 7 days for only 990 NOK. This includes the new summer route. Travelling with the boat in the direction south from Bodø, you can make a stop at the island Sørarnøy in Gildeskål county before travelling further to Støtt.

Enjoy the atmosphere on the old trade center in Støtt, a beautiful village that has been a center for fishing for 100 years. To conclude, Støtt is a small island with a rich history.

Photo: Hans Petter Sørensen / Faroutfocus

Visit Støtt Brygge to get an insight in the history. As here you can find the museum illustrating the fishing history and the culture heritage of the coast in Nordland. The restaurant Gammelbutikken offers norther Norwegian delicacy created from local food from the island and the ocean. Here you can also live in elegant environment in Rorbua or the new renovated Stabburet.

Støtt Brygge offers kayak rental, bicycle rental, boat trips and RIB trips on the island. It’s extraordinary how much thrilling activities that one can experience on such a small island.


Ørnes is heaven when it comes to mighty mountain tops that goes steep down to the ocean. The landscape around Ørnes is shaped by the glacier, with its high peak and deep fjords. A unique point to begin if climbing to the top by the coast. Ørnes is located north of Engabreen that is a part of Svartisen glacier, the second largest glacier in Norway.

Photo: Meløy Adventure

Here you also can book a trip on the Svartisen glacier, bicycle trip or a Rib-boat trip with Meløy Adventure. Ørnes is also a beautiful start for those who want to explore Svartisen-Saltfjellet national park and Láhko nationalpark.


On Bolga, fishing is the main activity as the island lies beautifully among the archipelagos with its untouched nature and large resource of fish. Bolga is a great place for sport-fishing and has attracted people from all around the world. Here you can rent a boat from Bolga Brygge whom also has a facility to treat the catch from the ocean.

Bolga Brygge offers accommodation in boat houses, wonderful rorbuer and apartments.

New this year is glamping!

Bolgbørra is a nature made hole in the mountain, one cave with two entrances. Follow the signs to the field north of the graveyard. Cross the field and go through a little are of forest before you reach the hiking trail to Bolgbørra. Follow the trail up and from the cave you can easy access the hole.


Rødøy is located at the gate of the midnight sun, in the crossing of the Polarcircle. Deep fjords and a archipelago with approximately 1000 of islands and islets contributes to create the magnificent landscape.

The south-vest part of the glacier Svartisen and parts of Saltfjellet-Svartisen national park lies in the east of the county, on the mainland. This part of Rødøy can be viewed on top of the mountain Rødøyløva, that lies 440 meter over the ocean. Hiking on the mountain Rødøyløva is a trip that fits everyone, created a trail with Sherpa staircase almost to the top that give access to a beautiful view that can’t be found anywhere else.

On the little island you can find Rødøy church. Even though there is 150 habitants, the church has space for 700 people. The octagon shaped church is one of Nordlands biggest churches and it contains a long and rich history.

Direct under the spectacular Rødøyløva lies one of Helgelands most beautiful beaches – Storsanden beach. A 2 km hiking trail from Klokkergården takes you to the beach with sunbeds, volleyball net, a shower and a barbecue hut.


Myken Destilleri – the world’s only artic whiskey distillery. On the island of Myken you can also find a small fishing village long out on the ocean. It is important to remember that there is a limited number of accommodations on the island, so it is recommended that visitors book before they travel.

If travelling with the summer route south, it will be a change of boats on 50 minutes. At that time one can visit the local store before the boat departs. If you want to experience Myken, then it is recommended that you stay there for at least for a day.

Myken Lighthouse – one of the few accommodations on Myken, however also one of Norways most unique. The lighthouse has a 360 degree panoramic view, something that makes it possible to see everything from the Seven Sisters in the south to Landego and Lofotveggen in the north.

Myken B&B – Seng og Suppe is located in previous school. Here they offer accommodation and good local food in the summer. In the old gym, you can sit and enjoy Norways most beautiful view while you devour local soup created of the fruits from the sea – and maybe read a book.

If you are looking for a unique experience then the old library is the right place. Here you can rent a small, vintage caravan that has been restored to accommodation for two. On the camping site you can relax in a deckchair under the palm trees.

Photo: Kathrine Sørgård

Træna og Selvær

If you are travelling the summer route and wish to explore a unique island, then Træna should on the list. Træna is one of Norway’s oldest fishing villages, home to one of the most uniqe festivals in the world, Trænafestivalen, and also a place where artists gather to receive inspiration.

In the island group of Træna it is little under 500 habitants, approximately the same amount as archipelagos and reefs. Most habitants lives on the main island that is Husøya. Here there is located shops, school, accommodation, café, tavern, several dining possibilities, saunas and museum. EDIT

Through the local boat route one can easy access the other islands of Træna, that is Sanna, Selvær Sandøy and Holmen. Selvær is a nice and calm community close to the ocean and nature, that gives a feeling of an authentic fishing village. Sanna is the island the extraordinary mountains and with the spectacular Kirkehelleren.

The island group lies 33 nautical miles (approx. 65 km) from the coast of Helgeland, on the shore of Storhavet. The polarcircle cuts through the island group something that makes it possible to experience the midnight sun from the end of May until the middle of July.


Lovund is very famous for the Atlantic puffin and Helgelands biggest puffin colony on approximately 200 – 300.000 birds that flies above the island during the summer.

Photo: Lovund Hotell

Puffins are just one of the few things Lovund has to offer. Visiting the museum Kystkultursenteret, one can explore the different exhibitions and get an insight on the fishing, animal life and local life on the island. Here is also an exhibition of paintings created by artist from Helgeland during the 19th century.

The island has also one of the most beautiful hotels on Helgeland, Lovund Hotel. With a restaurant that focuses on local, northern Norwegian and traditional resources, shaped by the people who live here. The mountain Lovundfjellet is 625 meter over the ocean and can be seen from the whole coast of Helgeland.

Photo: Lovund Hotell


Sleneset is created by several islands and is perfect for both short distance and long distance kayaking. Here we recommend to bring the kayak on the express boat and have Sleneset as a starting point. The islands lay close to Sleneset, something that makes is possible to stay close to land if wanted. Therefore kayaking in Sleneset fits for every level. 

Jettehuset is an old Nordlandshus that can be rented out on Sleneset. Even though the house has been renovated on the inside, the history of the house can still be experienced and it's perfect to take the morning coffee while looking out on the island of Lovund. 

This magnificent island is perfect to enjoy those calm vacation days.

Photo: Marit Løvhaug/Helgeland Kajakk. 


On Lurøygården there is accommodation, in a old manor. Here time has not moved fast since the days is was created. With the manor belongs a beautiful renaissance garden. The garden lies untouched close to the mountain Lurøyfjellet since approximately 1740. 

The coastal museum on Onøy gives you a insigth in the history of the island and the people who lived here. 

On the island Røssøya can you experience a farm from 1854. The farm is open all around the year. Here is also possibility for accommodation and other possibilities for adventure and activities. The farm can keep a number of 20 people. It has one common area, dining area and kitchen. 

Photo: Røssøygården

On the island Lurøya, there is Explore Helgeland. They offer several water activities, one of these activities are SUP (Stand Up Paddel board). This would be lovely to combine with dining at Torshavn. 

Nesna and Nesnaøyene

Nesna is a perfect starting point to get an easy access on nature and experiences. Here you can rent bicycles on Havblikk, rent a kayak at Hav og Fritid or you can go on a RIB-boat trip with Visit Nesna. 

Photo: Hans Petter Sørensen/Farout Focus

Nesna is also a great starting point if you want to access the islands Nesnaøyene. Nesnaøyene are the islands Hugla, Handnesøya and Tomma. On Tomma you can find accommodation like Helgeland Havhus and also kayakk activities by Helgeland Kajakk. Depending on what you need and how long you are planning your stay, you need to evaluate if you need a car or not. However, a bicycle ride on the islands are always recommeded. 


Sandnessjøen is the center of traffic on the coast of Helgeland, and can be a excellent starting point for activities and the exploration of the islands. Sandnessjøen has daily departures of Hurtigruten, direct flight to Oslo and good bus and train connections. Sandnessjøen is most famous for the mountain range The Seven Sisters. 

Photo: Orsoyla Haarberg 

The Seven Sisters lies accesible close to the coastal route and their heights range from 910 metres above the sea to 1072 metres above the sea. From Sandnessjøen you can also visit the Petter Dass museum, Alstahaug church, the chiefdom on Sandnes, and experience several roundtours with boat. From Sandnessjøen it is also easy to visit the Herøy and Dønna. 

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