Dog-sledding through snow-covered mountains

Aaslid Polar offers dog-sledding with Alaskan huskies into the beautiful mountains surrounding Susendalen, near Børgefjell National Park.

2019-01-1812:42 Gunn Johansen

Enthusiastic huskies

The freedom and feeling of being at one with nature is indescribable! You’re invited on a fantastic adventure with dogs that are just as eager as you are to head into the wilderness. The team of Alaskan huskies will speed you through the mountains – and their enthusiasm is contagious!

Dog-sledding is a real wilderness adventure, far from the city’s hustle and bustle. There is just you and new-found friends sharing the adventure, the dogs, and the silence of the mountains. Hear the snow under the runners, feel the wind in your face, and breathe the clean cool mountain air!

Dog-sledding under the Northern Lights!

An evening sled-ride is an even more exotic experience – especially if the Northern Lights are dancing in the heavens! We set a course for Susendal, far from the distraction of artificial lights, so you have a real chance of seeing the aurora borealis.

Training and participation

Before our trip we’ll instruct you how to handle your dog team, and you will help harness them to the sled. Everyone will have a chance to drive the dog-sled.

Campfire coffee and local food

As part of your adventure, Aaslid Polar can offer a cup of steaming coffee and a hot meal prepared over the fire. On our menu is the hearty fare of our mountain people, always made with local ingredients. Coffee and food must be ordered in advance, and price is by agreement.

Prices and booking

Half-day excursion (3 hours): Adults nok950, children nok500
Full-day excursion (35 hours): Adults nok1500, children nok1000

All excursion include guide, sled and dog team. If needed, additional transport and food are added costs. When you sign up, we’ll agree where and when to meet.

NB! We also offer dog sledding in Mosjøen on request.


Aaslid Polar, Susendalsveien 3216
NO-8690 Hattfjelldal
Tel. +47 950 71 162

Aaslid Polar
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Aaslid Polar
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Aaslid Polar
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