Legendary mountains for young adventurers

Helgeland’s amazing collection of legendary mountains can be a great part of your family holiday. Here is the mountain with a hole all the way through, a Fairytale Forest at the foot of another mountain that resembles a lion, and the Seven Sisters that since time immemorial have peered out over the Helgeland coast. These and other legendary mountains invite travellers young and old to open new chapters of adventure!

2018-04-0722:03 Simon Fossheim

In fact, why not make those mountains a theme of your family’s holiday in Helgeland? Many of the summits are within reach of tiny feet, and below them are white sandy beaches that beckon them to play, and waters renowned for great fishing.


The distinctive Torghatten in Brønnøysund, the mountain pierced through with a natural hole, impresses everyone including young travellers. You are bound to feel smaller as you walk through the cavernous hole, which is 35 metres high, 15–20 metres wide, and 160 metres long. The hole was carved out by the sea thousands of years ago. Or perhaps you prefer the legend of the Maiden of Leka, who fled her angry suitor, the Horseman? He shot an arrow at her, but the King of Sømnafjellene cast his hat and blocked the arrow, and the arrow-pierced hat turned to stone and became Torghatten.


Photo: Ronny Lien



The Seven Sister

Farther north on the coast lie The Seven Sisters (De Syv Søstre), a mountain range that offer majestic views of Helgeland’s myriad of islands. The two peaks known as The Twins (Tvillingene) are perfect family destinations for a full-day outing. If you prefer to admire the beautiful Sisters from a distance, we suggest a trip to the island of Herøy.

View from Kvasstinden, one of the Seven Sisters

Foto: Emil Sollie

Photo: Emil Sollie



From Herøy you can also clearly see the human features of the Dønna Man (Dønnamannen), lying on his back and peering up into the air.


Dønnamannen, mirrored in the sea.


Photo: Erlend Haarberg



Farthest north in Helgeland lies the island of Rødøy and “The Rødøy Lion” (Rødøyløva), a peak popular with adventurers of all ages. At the foot of the mountain lies the Fairytale Forest, and a walk along its paths is yet another adventure. The trail leads to a mysterious door on the mountainside, behind which the troll itself lives!


One of many beaches below the majestic Rødøyløva.

Photo: Terje Rakke


The majestic “lion” rises 440 metres above the sea, and the view from the top is magnificent! You can choose between two trails to the summit, one steep and challenging, the other easygoing and more suited to most families. On top of Rødøyløva is a barbeque hut where you can grill a family meal or just unwrap your lunch. Children (and adults) can even fill their bottles with “lion water” to renew their strength.

Helgeland welcomes all adventurers, young and old!

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