Your blissful bike adventure on Helgeland

Embark on a memorable bike ride on the Helgeland coast. As you cycle along the picturesque landscape of Helgeland, you can enjoy 24-hour day light, fresh and salty air and peaceful surroundings.

Biking on the coast
2017-03-1411:46 Gunn Johansen

 Tour description:

 Day 1:  Arrival Brønnøysund and explore the mountain Torghatten

Check in at the Corner Hotel in the center of Brønnøysund. Bicycles, helmets, panniers and bicycle tools, as well as maps, timetables and information are waiting for you at the Hotel.  Stay overnight in the double room, extra charge for a single room. 

We recommend a trip to the mountain Torghatten (14 km) and a visit to the Norwegian Aquaculture Center on the return. Here you can join a tour of the facilities and learn about modern fish farming, and enjoy a lunch in their café. 

Another possibility is to spend the day out at Torghatten. You can take the hike to the top of the mountain, in addition to the hike to the hole/tunnel, or walk, or bike around the mountain at the seashore trail. The day can end at the Torghatten Strandrestaurant under the foot of the mountain, with a tasteful dinner. Back in Brønnøysund you may either have dinner on one of the local restaurants or visit the local pub Kred which offers a nice atmosphere.

Total distance day 1: 30 km 

Day 2: Enjoy the coastal town Brønnøysund

This small town has a nice town center, with several cafes and easy trails to explore in the nearby surroundings. Just 7 km outside the town is the Hildurs Herb Garden, and this is an excellent place to visit for an enjoyable evening dinner. Other suggestions are included in the information you received at the arrival. 

Total distance day 2: 20 km

 Day 3: Speedboat to Ylvingen and to Vega 

The express boat leaves from the town center key, about 200 meters from Corner Hotel. This day you will travel like the locals do. The boat leaves at 06:55 AM early in the morning, and you will have to let the crew on the boat know that you want to stop at Ylvingen. Remember also to let them know when you want to leave Ylvingen and continue to Vega in the afternoon. For other departure times, please check out the timetable

After arriving at Rørøy, Vega, it is time to cycle to the center of the island called Gladstad. 3,6 km. At the shop SPAR at Gladstad, there is a café where you can buy your dinner. At Ylvingen it is possible to explore the whole island by  bike, as the island is only 7 km long. We suggest a visit to the Vega Kystfort, a fortress from the 2nd. World war, which also offers a nice viewpoint of the area. You may enjoy a lunch at the café “Himmelblåkafeen” at the speedboat key. Departure time from Ylvingen to Vega is at 17:40 PM, and don’t forget to tell the crew at the boat when you want to leave.  

For this night you stay at the Vega Kro og motel at Gladstad. 

 Total distance day 3: 30 km

Day 4:  Experience the Vega World Heritage 

Start with cycling from Gladstad to Nes (4 km) and visit the Vega World Heritage exhibition, the eider duck museum and the Lånan shop. After the stop at Nes, continue to the Sundsvoll area (apr. 4 km). On the return from Sundsvoll, recommend a visit at the Vega Havhotell for the lunch or for the dinner in the evening. (Apr. 2 km)

Other places to visit at Vega:

Snorkel track at Eidem, The historical trail on Middagskarheia or a hike to the mountain Gullsvågfjellet. For more information, we recommend that you visit

Total distance day 4: 15 km

 Day 5: From Kirkøy, Vega to Herøy 

Start by cycling from Gladstad to Kirkøy (approx. 5 km). Take the express boat from Kirkøy, Vega at 10.25 AM and arrive at Flostad, Herøy at 12.20 PM. We recommend that you bring with you your own lunch that you can enjoy on the boat. The boat trip takes you through some of the 24.000 islands at the Helgeland coastline.

Check out the timetable from Kirkøy, Vega to Flostad, Herøy. 

Cycle from Flostad to Elfis Sjøstuer, about 7 km, where you will stay for the night. If you have more energy, then we suggest a bike ride to Seløy and visit the Augustbryggo for this evening’s dinner, or book a RIB tour with Seløy Kystferie

Route to Augustbryggo: Cycle back on the RV828 for about 3 km. Take to the right and continue for about 7 km. Then you take off to the left at FV162 and continue for about 3,3 km and here you will find the Augustbryggo on the left.

Another option for this evening’s dinner is to visit the Herøy Brygge at Herøysundet. Cycle back at RV828 for about 8 km and take off to the right at FV162. Continue for 2 km and you arrive at Herøy Brygge.

It is also possible to make your own dinner at Elfis Sjøstue. This must be booked in advance.

Total distance day 5: 15 km

Day 6: Explore Herøy and Dønna 

Enjoy a long and hearty breakfast before heading north to the Island of Dønna and Dønnes Gård.

This trip is the longest journey of these days, and we recommend that you use the day for the  ride. You will pass the mountain Dønnamannen, as well as white sandy beaches and you have a picturesque view of the Seven Sisters mountain chain. There are several places where you can stop and try to fish from land.  Maybe you can catch a fish for your lunch?

We recommend dinner at Dønnes Gård, where you also will be staying this night.

 Total distance day 6: 45 km

Day 7:Relaxing day at Dønna before you continue to Sandnessjøen 

When you have finished your breakfast, you have time in the first part of the day to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Dønnes Gård. It is also time to go on a hike at the Dønnes mountain and enjoy amazing views from the view point at the top or explore the shoreline and beaches in the area.  If you prefer, you can have an early start on your bike ride for today. It is about 19 km to Bjørn at Dønna where the express boast leaves at 18.20 PM. Usually, a ride that takes about 1,5 hours, but it is good to have some extra time, as there are some steep hills on the way. 

You arrive in Sandnessjøen at about 18.45 PM and then it is a short ride to the Scandic Syv Søstre where you will be staying this night.

Sandnessjøen has a new leisure and community hall if you want to check out the local cinema or theatre or relax in the swimming pool. Check out for more information. 

Enjoy the evening at the hotel or take an evening walk through the coastal town Sandessjøen.

Total distance day 7: 19 km

Day 8: Time to return – or is it still time to take a hike to one of the peaks of the Seven Sisters?

Depending on your departure time, it might be time left for you to take a hike on one of the seven peaks of the mountain cahin the Seven Sisters. You can either bike or book a taxi to the start of the the hike. Description of the hikes are included in the information you got on the arrival day. You return the bicycles at the local touristinformation at the community hall.

 This morning you might have time left for a hike on one of the seven peaks of the mountain chain the Seven Sisters. You can either cycle to the start of the hike, or book a taxi. You will get a description of the hikes on the arrival day. You return the bikes at the local tourist information at the community hall. 

Total product: 7 day bike tour

Total length of the trip: about 150 km

What´s included:  Six overnight stays at four different locations, including breakfast. It also includes the bike, panniers, helmet and a mini pump, extra tube, tire irons and patch kit. In addition, you will get a map, trip description and ferry and express boat timetables.

Extras:  Ferry and express boat tickets, other meals other than breakfast and suggested activities are not included in the price. 

Have a safe journey home! Thank you for visiting Helgeland!

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The legendary mount Torghatten in Brønnøysund
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Nes at Vega, the gateway to the UNESCO heritage
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