Mosjøen Via Ferrata and zip-line

Welcome to Mosjøen, a town situated in the heart of Helgeland with incredibly varied scenery. Mosjøen lies by the Vefsna river at the foot of Øyfjellet mountain and you are invited to try the Via Ferrata.

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2016-08-1722:25 Simon Fossheim

An exciting climbing adventure awaits you at Øyfjellet Mountain just outside Mosjøen center. Hook yourself onto a thick wire that is securely attached to the mountainside, and ascend safely using natural holds and steps in the mountain (via ferrata means “iron path”).

This mountain-climbing adventure doesn`t require any specialized knowledge or prior experience.

Time: About 5 hours.

Price: NOK 850 pr person.


Prepare also for a unique and adrenaline filled activity in Mosjøen Zipline. The zipline is 700 meters long, and offers spectacular views of the historic Sjøgata Street and the village of Mosjøen. Price: NOK 790.

Special offer

Both via ferrata and zipline at the same guided trip:

Time: About 6 hours.

Price information and booking at

Cato Ravassbakk
Via Ferrata in Mosjøen
On top of Øyfjellet mountain, click to open in lightbox
Cato Ravassbakk
Via Ferrata in Mosjøen
Via Ferrata in Mosjøen, click to open in lightbox