Bright all night in Helgeland

In Helgeland, it is bright all night for most of the summer. Experiencing the pink light that often bathes the landscape late at night. That is magical!

2013-12-1717:46 Gunn Kristin
Hiking, cycling, canoeing

The people of Northern Norway are used to the fact that it's light all night, and it is often very late before they snuggle down under their duvets. It is completely normal for the people of Nordland to hike in the mountains or go on a bike ride or canoeing trip in the middle of the night. Imagine sitting on your own little beach, just enjoying the silence while the sunset colours the sky red and orange. Come and try it; we guarantee that you will leave with unforgettable memories.

Festivals and concerts

Many festivals and concerts are held throughout the summer in Helgeland. The festival fun and music often last long past midnight – but that means nothing, because you have absolutely no desire to waste the summer nights by sleeping. Sitting on an island at the very edge of the ocean, listening to beautiful music in the middle of the night is a magical experience, and it's exactly what events like the Træna Festival offer.

Town life

Most of the restaurants and pubs have beer gardens and outdoor terraces during the summer. Take your time and enjoy a good meal with a drop of the fine stuff, while watching the world go by. Perhaps you could go for a stroll after dinner, or take in one of the 'city festivals'. Highlights of these include the Galleria Art Festival in Mosjøen, Roots Festival in Brønnøysund or the Verket Music Festival in Mo i Rana.

Even in the smaller places, you can still experience bustling street life at a variety of events like regattas, boat shows, jazz festivals, conventions and market days.


Some visitors struggle to get enough sleep during their first few nights this far north. We recommend that you pack a sleep mask if you need your eight hours a night. However, you might also find that you need less sleep than normal. This is because the light gives you more energy and lifts your mood. There is also so much to experience that you almost don't want to sleep at all.

Midnight sun

In Helgeland you can experience the midnight sun when you cross the Arctic Circle, and it lasts longer and longer the further north you go. At the Arctic Circle you will see the midnight sun from 12 June to 1 July, while at the North Cape, you can experience it from 14 May to 29 July.

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