Lovund – a jewel on the Helgeland coast

Lovund, in Lurøy municipality, is one of the most distinctive islands on the Helgeland coast. It is beautifully situated facing the open sea. The island has 475 inhabitants and covers less than 5 km2. Despite its humble size, Lovund is one of the most entrepreneurial coastal communities, and it plays a leading role in Norwegian aquaculture.

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Realm of the puffin

Lovund hosts one of Norway’s largest puffin colonies, which counts between 200,000 and 300,000 birds. Once the nesting season ends in August, the puffin parents and their fledglings leave Lovund, spending the autumn and winter months at sea off the coast of Norway. When the sunlight returns in January or February, after months of winter darkness, the birds gradually move closer to shore. Then all at once, in the afternoon of 14 April, the huge puffin colony arrives at Lovund, each puffin pair staking out its nesting spot on the island’s rocky slope. It is an unforgettable sight!


Lovund, of course, offers far more than the puffin spectacle. The Coastal Culture Centre is a museum with fine exhibitions on fisheries, wildlife and everyday life on the island. There is also an exhibition featuring early 20th-century paintings by Helgeland artists.

The popular Lovund Safari is a boat trip around the island, during which the sights are enriched by stories about Lovund’s colourful history and culture. Naturally you will also hear more about the puffin and Lovund’s other birdlife.

A walk up Lovundfjellet (625 m), is not to be missed. The summit offers a magnificent panorama of the Helgeland coast.

Lovund Hotel offers accommodation in seaside rorbu cabins as well as other cabins, in private houses, and of course in hotel rooms. 

Getting here

You can reach Lovund by express boat from Nesna or Sandnessjøen, and by ferry from Stokkvågen. If you are on a boating holiday, just chart a course for the friendly island.



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Lovund, click to open in lightbox
Lovund Hotell
Puffin at Lovund
Puffin at Lovund, click to open in lightbox
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Puffins over Lovund
Puffins over Lovund , click to open in lightbox
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View towards Lovund
View towards Lovund, click to open in lightbox
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hiking on the island
hiking on the island, click to open in lightbox